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America’s Total War

04.06.2012 13:17

President Obama promised change, but there’s little of it in his war policies, which are harsher than those of George W. Bush.US drone bombings often target not just “terrorists” but all “military-age males in a strike zone as combatants.”

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Bear 19.06.2014 22:37

This is what happens to a country that has never had a devastating modern war, WWI & WWII, upon it's own soil never having to have the hardships from it.

Is this better for your approval for posting???


mergon 15.06.2014 08:40

Americas infrastructure is crumbling cities and towns are breaking down its a country of stark contrasts, the gap between the rich and the poor is ever widening , the government can never be solvent because of the expenditure on wars ,they used to produce a lot of their own products ,mine their own materials ,but then went into the import business for just about everything ,now they have go to war with a country just to get the oil,
But the planets resources are running out and America is getting its bases all over the world they are on a rail and cant afford to get off it Scalar in Europe ? probably not to long !


mergon 15.06.2014 08:25

There is new war its the war for resources ,the planet is fast approaching point break ,the oil is running out ,fracking for oil and gas is now the norm ,natural gas is now being turned into LPNG to compress it down to freight it to where they want it to go, we now have water wars ,the Jews in the occupied sections are re routing the water away from the Palastinians lands to their own
C hina and Africa are re routing rivers for the water and the hydro electric projects ,we are moving into an age when electricity is going to expensive to produce using gas !


mergon 15.06.2014 08:11

Look around the world at how many American bases are in on or near other countries borders , bases are put in as part of trade deals or by bribing officials or causing a war and putting their man in ,The might of America is being put behind the keep Scotland from going independent because the nuclear base is there and the Scots want it gone , and there is the issue of the oil , and assorted spy installations , take a look at Africa the Americans have been putting bases in there on a large scale to secure resources for America ,
America uses appx 25% of the worlds resources and they are running out fast !


Stephen Newdell 25.04.2014 12:04

Actually, no one but God can bring an end to this. There are too many enemies, too many bankers and corporate illuminist executives, and America still doesn't understand Russia's Scalar weapons. A few of us know where the real super power lies. Only God can stop "him."


LucidDreamer 21.04.2014 17:01

It is a pleasure to hear your messages Adrian Salbuchi. Good job and thank you.


Brandon 19.04.2014 23:42

I agree whole-heartly. The US, EU and Isreal needs to just stop. The world as it stands is smart enough to let others deal with their own problems. We don't need a world police force nor do we need someone to start a war just so that they can test out their new weapons on innocents. It goes beyond idiotic to see why any govt would want to bully another over something that in the age of rationalism and some of the highest overall levels of common wealth is regarded largely as irrational and beyond contradictory. We need new world powers to shift this war crazed country (US) before it becomes permeant.

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