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US warship Truxtun begins naval exercise in Black Sea

19.03.2014 13:27

The USS Truxtun destroyer started a one-day military exercise with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies in the Black Sea.

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Mark 19.03.2014 16:31

Let the Americans do all the show and tell display of wounded of their wounded ego and its limitation of Manifest Destiny! the bottom line: Crimea is Russia now and Sevastopol- the heart of the Black Sea- is Russia now!


Levi Colo 19.03.2014 16:30

Peter Bugarchich 19.03.2014 16:09

How do you sink Bulgarian or Ronanian ship?
Just put it in water....


2 of the 3 Romanian frigates are older British ones. They do float, you know. But they are sinkable - see the Falklands war.

Anyway , Crimea was last time conquered by German and Romanian troops. I doubt the Germans want a re-run and I'm certain Romanians don't want it at all.

It's not easy living caught between empires and the worst thing for Russia is to be perceived as the Czarist or Soviet empires were. For now, there's more understanding for Russia's stand, but don't push it.


Dot 19.03.2014 16:17

Russian 'Black Hole' subs are already patrolling US coastlines. If you wonder why they're called 'Black Hole', ask the US Navy.


Ivor O'Connor 19.03.2014 16:10

Why are we wasting our money and making a fool of ourselves at the same time? We need effective leaders not bozos sending billions of dollars to thugs that will turn on us next year. Ron Paul is a fake. We need Gary Johnson. He would not waste our money and if military action is needed it won't be half assed.


Uzume 19.03.2014 16:07

Go America start the War! No point of trainning, enought pratice already. Afghan, Iraq, lybia somany Arabs, try with the Russian. Vietnam you lost, forget about China. I'm paying my Tax to watch the show, and try not to use Nuclear like you did on Japan. If you stop drafting Gay in the army, we might win aome war. Dam! Obama is gay too? America is sinking!


restinpieces 19.03.2014 16:07

Russia should start sending ballistic missile submarines to the Carribean for "exercises" ; with the Cuban navy.


Anis Dali 19.03.2014 15:59

Any country who tried to mess with Russia had failed very hard. So USA can try to do the tard country, no problem, Russia will make them pay hard !


charles halasz 19.03.2014 15:54

Are the US kidding ,Romanian and Bulgarian navy? What a joke,they only have row boats


fran7 19.03.2014 15:53

What are these USA idiots doing in the Black sea any way? Ron Paul is right.


Mike Littlefield 19.03.2014 15:51

The us will underestimate Russia like they have all previous opponents. The egotistical arrogance of this nation which presumes it is God's chosen instrument of good will be its ultimate downfall, like all other failed empires of history.

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