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US warship Truxtun begins naval exercise in Black Sea

19.03.2014 13:27

The USS Truxtun destroyer started a one-day military exercise with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies in the Black Sea.

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Levi Colo 19.03.2014 18:09

Nischpah 19.03.2014 17:48

Yo ur logic if worthy of NATO and western lunatic leadership, and if you want out-of-contexts(!?), stop the BS about Czarist and Soviet 'perceptions'.


I don't answer to those of clear bad faith. But I'll defend myself re-posting the small paragraph which made you so angry:

&quo t;It's not easy living caught between empires and the worst thing for Russia is to be perceived as the Czarist or Soviet empires were. For now, there's more understanding for Russia's stand, but don't push it."

& quot;Don't push it" was addressed to internet "enthusiasts&qu ot;, obviously.


Socrates 19.03.2014 18:00

One day the US will try to win the final war and that will be the end of the human race in this beautiful planet. That's good news for the environment and for the animals. Nobody will miss us at all.


Levi Colo 19.03.2014 17:59

Regula 19.03.2014 17:35

Who controls Sevastopol controls the Black Sea!


Ma ybe. But if Russia keeps Crimea and loses the rest of Ukraine the strategic loss is huge. The Kiev coup is not only orange revolution 2.0, the intention behind it is to bring an irreversible situation with Ukraine firmly held under Western control.

Ru ssian (Black Sea based) fleet can sail outside the Black Sea only as long as there's no open war between Russia and NATO. Imagining it could get out if a war started is akin to delusion.


Josh Chase 19.03.2014 17:48

elguevara 19.03.2014 17:32

The US must just remember that aggressors lose in the end. History has proved that many times.


Expect that is not why the ship is in the Black Sea in the first place. It was supposed to be there to take part in a joint training exercise BEFORE this whole situation started.


Mark 19.03.2014 17:43

Yes indeed who ever controls Sevastopol controls the Black Sea and this is the reason the Americans are going bad and shouting out irrationally! There is good reason why Sevastopol is legendry!


Mark 19.03.2014 17:38

TO:Hans-Martin Dampf
despite your German sounding name, you are clearly ignorant- thus it is fair to assume that an American. Turkey will not engage war with Russia- because it will be costly. Wait until some of the 4.5m Russians who went to Turkey last year decide to go to Sochi and now Sevastopol!


Pantera Persa 19.03.2014 17:37

I want to see a picture of that after it's been sunk


Regula 19.03.2014 17:35

Levi Colo 19.03.2014 17:27

The Black Sea shores belong to 3 NATO states, 2 which don't formally belong to any military alliance and Russia.


That's what this US exercise in Ukrainian destabilization was all about: get rid of Russia's fleet. Who controls Sevastopol controls the Black Sea! For Russia that is more important as it is its direct way to Syria, which is just what the US wanted to cut off. The rest of Ukraine turmoil is longer term: get NATO into Crimea and topple Putin. Looks like Obama came closer to toppling himself than Putin. The US intention was evil, so is the outcome.


elguevara 19.03.2014 17:32

The US must just remember that aggressors lose in the end. History has proved that many times.


Denis Viktorovich 19.03.2014 17:29

Little boat, but the title DESTROYER is quite big... Was this supposed to be an exhibit of power and strength of some sort? If so - it didn't work...

New levels of "Strategery&quo t; (ref. - Bush) - indigenous thinking by Satanic conspirators to show what's up...

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