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Warheads used in Syria chemical attack ‘could be original or improvised’ – UN

16.09.2013 23:22

The UN investigation concluded chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale in the Ghouta area of Damascus on August 21. But, the report is unclear whether the weapons used belonged to Assad’s or rebel forces.

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abbas tiger 21.09.2013 21:23

chemical weapons attack of syria by mid


Hanonymouse 17.09.2013 20:29

There is video on the internet (liveleak) supposedly from a dead rebel's cell phone, and supposedly filmed on Aug 21st. The video is shot at night and guess what? All the rebels are wearing gas masks...


David Hilton 17.09.2013 18:52

Reply to Richard Rittenburg.
The countries who are supporting the Al Qaeda factions DO have Sarin gas though; American CIA, Israeli Mossad, Saudi Arabia, probably France still has a few tons as well.
Turkey, an anti-Assad country has arrested Syrian rebels linked to Al Qaeda for trying to smuggle Sarin gas from Libya into Syria via Turkey.
For Assad to order a chemical weapons attack would have been either the height of stupidity or desperation; well he`s shown he`s not stupid, and why would he be desperate ?, he`s winning.


Billy 17.09.2013 15:07

The AlAmerica Rebels did it.


groingo 17.09.2013 14:20

Now ask yourself, how many of the Syrian Military armories were raided by the insurgents had chemical weapons?
Invento ry and confirmation is all that is needed to confirm who actually did it.


rogirl 17.09.2013 13:16

The UN is a fence sitter a luke-warm powerless and spinlelss entity fullof sychophants afraid for their own skin and frankly has no respect by any thinking individual. iI is a total waste of money and should be dismantled keeping only the UN Security Council which serves to maintain international law, which by the way is not being respected by the US and its allies.


Colin Shorey 17.09.2013 11:55

So,you do not know then.Great help you are .These could be improvised originals.You are all getting paid well at civilians expense while we starve or bombed by....You don't know or you are lying


Live on your knees or die fighting 17.09.2013 10:11

The international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been criticized by national governments, other NGOs, its founder and former Chairman Robert L. Bernstein, and the media. HRW is biased against Israel and that requesting or accepting donations from Saudi Arabian citizens causes it to be biased. HRW has publicly responded to criticisms relating to its reporting on Latin America and in the context of the Arab–Israeli conflict.


Live on your knees or die fighting 17.09.2013 09:08

The UN are more or less saying it could be this or it could be that - state the obvious why dont you !!

Meanwhil e elsewhere the war hawks interpret the report as a cast iron proof it was Assad. Someone for crying out loud please act like a grownup !!!!!!!!!!!


Zobel Amar 17.09.2013 07:52

After 2 years of war , it must be thousands of this rocket on Syrian ground.....


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 07:34

"Warheads used in Syria chemical attack ‘could be original or improvised’ – UN"

In deed they could, far better way of resolving the issue has been found by Russia.

It' s the UsofA's lack of a glowing report on WHY they love the `rebels' so much that is of concern

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