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Global 'water war' threat by 2030 - US intelligence

22.03.2012 19:57

Nations will cut off rivers to prevent their enemies having access to water downstream, terrorists will blow up dams, and states that cannot provide water for their citizens will collapse. This is the future - as painted by a top US security report.

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Meg Stout 17.02.2014 15:26

Remember that 93% of water consumption worldwide goes to food. By choosing your diet carefully, you can change your food-related water consumption drastically. Drink water when you can (an equivalent volume of soda requires over 300 times as much water to produce), load up on fresh veggies and fruits (juiced stuff "costs" much more in water units), minimize grain carbs (each ounce of grain costs hundreds of cups of water), and stick with soy, milk, chicken and fish for your protein (beef "costs" an order of magnitude more in water than an equivalent portion of chicken or eggs).


Jonny Vincent 08.01.2014 13:21

Marc1 24.03.2012 13:26

That's what's all about, people; Total Privatization of life on Planet Earth, - meaning, Total Enslavement. And who's behind this; the greatest robbery ever of peoples' assets - so called Privatization? Jewish Zionist Bankers, of course and their obsequious servants, the "Free" Masons who control the police and the military. And they dare call it a democracy.


Who dared call it that? Who said you were free? Who framed your perception of the world for you? Who told you demented lies to rot your mind like: "God is good"? "Truth is rude"?

Slaves are bred, not made.


Jonny Vincent 08.01.2014 13:13

2cents 24.03.2012 15:55

Now u see the Bush family's agenda for buying 200,000 acres in Paraguay sitting on top of South America's largest natural aquafer. Everything is by design.



I'm not sure whether it's a good or a bad thing that they are so clearly in control. How many people even know the official name of CIA HQ?

It's in Langley but why wouldn't they call it The National Center for Intelligence or something...American ? Named after the son of a undisputed traitor guilty of treason.

[quote]Kin gs love their treason but the traitor they hate.[/quote]


Raul troche 08.01.2014 04:25

Even in the Bible there are Instances of problems due to water. I say water problems will come sooner than they think due to prophetic parts of the Bible. It speaks about water being unfit to drink and even deadly. It says that the water will be bitter as wormwood (a bitter medicinal herb used to get rid of parasites). I believe that in Russian wormwood is translated as Chernobyl. With Fukishama and terrorist these things could start taking place soon. By soon I mean less than 10 years.


Lorry Jenkins 18.04.2013 13:10

Water is what people should be concerned about. In America now, there are four rivers having conflict use problems about management and distribution. The Colorado river provides drinking water for 36 million people, some 7 states, and also irrigation for some. This is not just a problem for America but for Russia and the rest of the world and continents like India, Africa, China, and some parts of Europe. WATER!! WATER!! WATER!! Is what going to be the world's most scarcest problems and instead of oil, WATER!! Is what wars will be fought over within the next 10 to 12 years, GET READY!!!

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