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Built-in backdoor: German govt warns of significant Windows 8 security danger

22.08.2013 18:28

Leaked documents from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) indicate that the organization has become suspicious of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology built into an increasing number of Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

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Leon Teale 31.12.2013 17:06

You use XP and think your secure because you keep up-to-date? LOL

so many things wrong with that, not to mention XP is end of life lol


Alex 23.08.2013 21:28

Use linux rather than windows. How can you trust a product which is coming from the land of SPIES!!!


Vic Demise 23.08.2013 20:26

I'm still on Win XP, and personally I assume every "security update" is actually a "NATIONAL security update", where they are either installing fresh tools for back door access to my system, and/or they are making periodic data uploads of information from my system to theirs. Why has our government become SO paranoid? We're the same America we were before 9-11, and yet they have cracked down on us relentlessly in any and every way concievable, because they are the ones with something to hide.
It's so obvious if you just think about it.
"Securi ty update"- HA!


Vic Demise 23.08.2013 20:20

Gerry 23.08.2013 06:01

No i'm not , i'm just a guy who is sick of all this paranoia , that is manufactured by people like you.


I'm sure you're not- but Gerry, you MUST see that the real paranoia is on the part of the NSA (etc) due to their rampant corruption. I mean why are they essentially spying on everyone? They're like the urban drug dealer who can't walk down the street without cosntantly looking over their shoulder- becauses HE KNOWS he's been up to no good.


Jan Vanosnabrugge 23.08.2013 16:53

Do not worry anymore : your "cookies" are being hacked continuously by everybody, commercial as well as gov't
Not much you can do about it. It is called fascim.


zip98053 23.08.2013 16:02

What I don't understand is how a passive device (the TPM) can take over the computer. If this is what the BSI came up with, they might not actually be experts in security.


Rudebaker 23.08.2013 13:40

One word: Ubuntu


Boris 23.08.2013 10:22

Well no surprise there then! Just another MS operating system even number that has issues! Just a minute.....don't all MS operating systems have issues?


Wavesign 23.08.2013 06:18

I warned people about Windows 8 being linked with NSA and US Government in 2012 when I was working for Microsoft company, but no one paid attention. One of these spying software is: File://c:/Program Files (x86)/Bluetooth Suit/Atheros Outlook Addin 2010.vsto. what is does it connect outlook 2010 so that NSA can be able to see and copy your emails from outlook in your pc, since many people haven't joined cloud computer. cloud computer gives 100% NSA to access all your data online. other thing don't use skydrive. what I can advice you is to go back to windows 7 or even to xp if you can OR BEST just go to linux


Dom Rice 23.08.2013 05:59

Gerry is an NSA agent


Kevin Ryan Poston 23.08.2013 04:38

The hec with windows os I went to Linux os.


Keith Bosthen 23.08.2013 04:17

Kind of funny, CIA posting all these ''my friend earn'' on comments below. Well, keep trying guys, not minding me :)


MEJanssen 23.08.2013 03:04

About every 10 years we have to be reminded how insecure M'soft products are. Back in the 1990s there was a scare about the "Clipper Chip" and how M'soft was building a back door for government snoops. My plans for world domination have not been kept on a MS machine since then. But MS is OK if you want to play games.

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