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Russia to store this year’s snow for 2014 Winter Olympics

27.03.2013 15:53

Russia will save up to 450 thousand cubic meters of snow to ensure a white 2014 Winter Olympics. The snow will be stockpiled in eight specially built storage facilities covered by a super-reflecting sun ray blanket.

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Anonymous user 24.06.2013 19:16

COME ON RUSSIA ... wish i could learn Russian in time for the games :(


Ian Hamilton 28.03.2013 00:40

Congratulations to Sochi 2014 for this correct and proper contingency planning. During Vancouver, the incompetency and general mismanagement of that organizing committee wound up costing significant un-budgeted monies to 'truck' snow from other cities to Cypress Mountain during the games. Well done Sochi 2014! You have learned from the mistakes of others.

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