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Geopolitical giants: New China leader in Moscow boosting ties

22.03.2013 06:28

The new Chinese leader chose Russia as his first stop on his maiden overseas voyage. As this visit signals the two powerful neighbors growing ever closer, analysts assess their potential in countering the US-led Western domination of global affairs.

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Anonymous user 26.03.2013 08:59

Americans are so busy managing other countries that they forgot to manage the USA.

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 01:42

Russia is a great power fool. The USA is bankrupted, did you factor that in Zionist idiot

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 18:28

In the first picture are the Russian soldiers sniffing the Chinese presidents bottom?

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 17:55

Why have you described Russia as a world power, China certainly, but Russia your joking

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 14:16

Putin! U r a great leader

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 04:09

johnaallison you talk smart a$$ but you are not,your knowledge of History smells like ...Pheuk you

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 23:28

1/2 of EU citizenry will join the Sino-Russian Alliance and
USA will not manipulate Europe as before

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 23:24

Russia+China will dominate the World while USA will lose
its ugly World Order,and it's about time !

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 19:20

USA + EU are the ones doing most of the stealing. GO USA? Go home, USA; and stay there.


Stan Dinsmore 22.03.2013 19:16

Russia + China would do well to recognise value of Brazil to BRICS allaince. Brazil is also a member of S.American MERCOSUR Co-prosperity group. Mercosurs' sucess is in no small way due to its' blocking US-Canadian particapation in its' affairs. Mercosur and BRIC could do good business with Brazils' influence.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 18:18

BRIC nations steal information and are corrupt!! GO USA

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 18:16

Without America and Europe the BRIC nations would have anything to steal! GO USA AND EUROPE!!!!

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 15:35

Very interesting development. I think a multi-polar world will be an improvement--more democratic.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 15:26

Sarah Palin and North Korean leader both like Basketball players. She could renew ties with N Korea.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 14:54

They will be a great force together !only need Iran to join them !!

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 14:36

US government hasnt figured out yet that half of it people are ready to leave. GO BRICS!!!!

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 13:55

Sarah Palin is the answer.

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