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NSA's XKeyscore gives one-click real-time access to almost any internet activity

31.07.2013 15:55

New revelations about NSA surveillance systems show that it was enough to fill in a short ‘justification’ form before gaining access to any of billions of emails, online chats, or site visit histories through a vast aggregation program called XKeyscore.

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Andrew Symonette 06.08.2014 09:09

I know the truth about Earth. It's concave and Space is inside Earth. Earth is not a planet and dark matter is actually dark water its super saline substance you'll bounce right off of separating us from the heavens or something like that. Earth does in fact have a sky ceiling up 80k ft.. You are in a habitat bubble egg. You are trapped you'll never get out. Trust me on this one it sounds crazy but it's the god honest truth. I'm not religious because that's just a pyramid scheme. There is no rapture. It's called Martial Law. And there you have it.


john 12.10.2013 08:59

how nice my country is completely covered by those shiny red dots... i guess it means we belong to the west as one of our emblematic leaders once said in a catchphrase that evolved into a monolithic foreign policy doctrin we' ve lived by for the last 40 years.. was it a good choice? judging by were it got us today i d have to say nope..

ps: having difficulty to pinpoint the country i m reffering to?hint: its becausse there is more than one..


Jerod M. Laver 05.08.2013 14:03

What I was trying to say but ran out of room, is we all can join hands and fight for one another, not against one another. We all need things, we all want things. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Many people help the people they care for like family and friends. Hardly anybody goes out of their way to help someone they don't know do better unless they also gain something in the end. I'm not trying to push religion, but I am a Christian and I ask one question, what does Jesus Christ in the Bible represent? Sacrifice. If we ALL live one for all and all for one, we don't need money, we don't need war.


Jerod M. Laver 05.08.2013 13:55

Wow... First, I am glad that Mr. Snowden did what he did and I believe that he did it for the good of the American people like myself. Our world, not just the US, not just the middle earth, Asia, Africa, wherever, we are all on a downward slope. Are the "terrorists&quo t; supplied by the "leaders" of America, I don't know. To me, it doesn't matter much who supplies them, we must stop this. The hate in our world is going to kill us all if we don't find a way to live together in peace, in love! This morning I messaged my girlfriend from Canada. I love her dearly. I live in Ohio. The FBI going to come pick me up?


gera toutoune 04.08.2013 12:21

why can't we accept the fact the us went too far and consequently has failed? nothing is simpler than that. Why would you want to snoop on anybody if you don't have the intent to do harm? 1/10 of the planet is life living the other part is inhospitable. What's the point of being a super power? As long as you're there nobody else can thrive. To what logic can the US leave America and start installing lethal missiles defense system along the borders of Russia? If I were American I would ashamed instead vehemently defending them?


fran7 02.08.2013 06:31

USA had info of attack on Pearl Harbour but it did not act on this to save it? PRISM will be the same and defence of USA is an excuse for Worldwide gangster activities which will only result in anarchy .Mr Snowdon is a very courageous individual and Whistle Blower making the world aware of PRISM.


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 14:41

joan moore 01.08.2013 04:36

His game is obviously up. He's cornered and he probably wishes he'd never done this he'll spend the rest of his life screwed in one way or another. He cannot possibly be happy with his decision. It just makes sense, for any man or woman, to not run and hide. It will make him crazy, depressed, you name it, mentally anquished. I feel sorry for him.


Ha Ha Ha. I guess you and your alias Ivan were wrong again. What a shame eh? He's just been granted asylum in Russia land of the free.


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 14:28

Ivan Bond 01.08.2013 13:41

We will NOT reveal any information about degrees or achievements for obvious reasons. We are only here to respond, when we can, to the HATE SPEECH that many all over the world are now talking about. ???
There is NOTHING wrong in writing ANY BODY.


Co me on pal, you have zero achievements. Where are they? You lot need to stop carrying on like the SS to gain some respect. Your intellectual circle spends most of their time in a W.C. Hey pal you really do need to learn to spell.


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 13:08

99.999% of Americans don't even have a passport and have never left the USA. Therefore, they have no idea what goes on in the rest of the world and that includes BB - Buffoon Bond.


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 13:00

Ivan Bond 01.08.2013 10:29

We have a very good brain, we have intellectual achievements and several University degrees. This could enable us to teach ANY BODY in your country about critical &amp logical thinking that 99% of your citizens seem to lack. We would not accept one person who would rule our country for decades.


Who's WE? Name your intellectual achievements & university degrees. Who rules what country for decades? It's pretty clear to all of us here that you sir have been brainwashed. Before you can teach "ANY BODY" in my country you need to learn to spell the word ANYBODY.


ekpuri 01.08.2013 10:53

It is important to stop this evil & Stasi Empire from the worlds horrific wrong doing. The credit to enlighten the world about the Stasi state goes Snowden. The honor and honesty for protecting Snowden goes to russia & Putin. Still the US Media commentators are in denyal and saying russia & china are the most repressive countries in the world and he must not stay there. US and its commentators play this dirty game all the time of convenience and covertness. It is the time for US for its downfall, Media commentators to come out and talk truth, and political elite to be ransacked.


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 09:24

Ivan Bond 01.08.2013 07:08

The propaganda against the US is in full swing. Did not the Boston bombers learn how to make up bombs using a Qaeda-related web site? Yet, 300 terrorists were stopped within a few years (till 2008), and this justifies it.


The truth about the USA killing over one million people in Iraq & destroying its infrastructure is a FACT making the Boston firecracker look like a picnic. "300 terrorists were stopped within a few years" WHO SAYS? FOX NEWS? Your GOVERNMENT? You are so gullible to believe the drivel your government spouts. Please grow a brain.


JailBanksters 01.08.2013 09:15

Does this mean the countries without dots are the ones they trust like Canada, China Russia. Or does it mean they're the ones they're going to invade to put some dots there.


K K Singh 01.08.2013 05:54

3rd world country's leaders are happy to be scanned by US imperialist to show that they had nothing to hide earlier also as they were loyal servants to their master!!
So any further expose of NSA does not matter except some brave leaders of Latin America and others!!


Mohamed Iguchi 01.08.2013 05:21

everybody knows that israel and america are the only terrorists in the world, they are sure that muslims (al-mujahidine) are winning the last war, poor and stupid jews, you don't have any issue...


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 05:11

joan moore 01.08.2013 04:36

His game is obviously up. He's cornered and he probably wishes he'd never done this. He cannot possibly be happy. I feel sorry for him.


His game is NOT up at all you fraud. He's obviously one of the happiest men in the world after disclosing the amount of data that the US STOLE from ordinary citizens around the world.
He'll spend the rest of his life knowing he did the right thing by all freedom loving people. You feel sorry for no one but yourself.
Is John your husband or just another alias?


joan moore 01.08.2013 04:36

Lambright 01.08.2013 04:05/ gameplaysyou 01.08.2013 04:08-- His game is obviously up. He's cornered and he probably wishes he'd never done this, or at least, not this way. He STOLE the stuff, he signed confidentiality agreements not to take it. OK, we all do dumb stuff, but this is a biggie, he'll spend the rest of his life screwed in one way or another. He cannot possibly be happy with his decision. It just makes sense, for any man or woman, to not run and hide. It will make him crazy, depressed, you name it, mentally anquished. I feel sorry for him.

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