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Yahoo wins lawsuit to declassify docs proving resistance to PRISM

16.07.2013 12:01

Search engine Yahoo has won a court case to release NSA records and potentially prove it resisted handing over customer data to US authorities. The ruling could clear Yahoo’s name following allegations it collaborated with the NSA to spy on citizens.

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Joey Noble 31.10.2013 19:24

If Yahoo's statement is true and they resisted the NSA and thus the NSA stole information, then Yahoo should set an example and sue the US government for all it's worth; however, most likely this is a save face tactic from Yahoo to save their own investor's bottom line.

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 03:10

I have lost faith in which service provider to choose.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 20:30

Smart Phone got its name by being smarter then its user. Have your credit card ready !

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 18:12

Use "Startpage" ;, they do not record users ISP's...

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 10:42

Good for Yahoo. we will use them rather than others who are guilty of cow- towing to evil USA PRISM


mary 17.07.2013 06:18

yahoo is going to be sued for every penny it has and more, everything they do now is irrelevant.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 06:01

The news about all of this is lacking in the empire. People are afraid.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 02:13

No the us corporations are mastered by us gov will.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 01:29

what a joke. the corporations control the govt, not the other way around

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 01:17

Damage control. Losing millions in advertising dollars. Two weeks required to get the lies in order.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 00:37

"Clear its name"? Really? Not really.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 00:35

23:55 suit for what? its not likeYaho wants money like those Snowden-propaganda 'humanrights' groups

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 23:55

Is it not strange all these giant companies get to play dumb, yet none of them are filing suit?

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 23:49

Yahoo has history of VOLUNTARILY giving info to law enforcement. Choosing secure email? Impossible.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 23:48

The NSA must use a keyboard and monitor, so technically it's not direct access.

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