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Yahoo CEO claims she could have been jailed for defying NSA

12.09.2013 05:49

Yahoo was unable to release classified data on the NSA as it would have amounted to treason, CEO Marissa Mayer told reporters. Speaking at a conference, Mayer and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described how they were obliged to comply with the NSA.

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mergon 28.01.2014 10:35

it was Mark Z that bought face recognition to his face book he is Jewish and bought the program from a Jewish company that had/has contracts with Mossad !


Manuel Vega 21.09.2013 06:50

Mark Z..the biggest liar in our face today, both Yahoo and Facebook made hundreds of millions betraying their users. Now they cry like crocodiles after a good meal.


Frederick 's All 20.09.2013 23:36

Cowards. Quitting Yahoo, and Facebook, and more.


Supermandot 19.09.2013 19:24

Well... so they knew it!


Daniel Dougherty 14.09.2013 01:44

That's why I do not use Google, Bing, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Yahoo. This is my tenth year without them, to me they are parasitic sites...


Harrison Bounel 13.09.2013 21:24

The number one thing our government is suppose to do is protect our constitutional rights. After that then go after the bad guys. That's not the way it is working. Everybody is a bad guy in the United States and the people here are getting fed up. One and a half million bikers rode through wasghington DC on wednesday and the new media barely mentioned it. If it would have been a pro obamacare rally, there would have been nonstop news. The media in America is now in control of the Government. This is very very bad. When freedom of the press goes, it all goes.


thesideoftruth 13.09.2013 14:10

I'v deleted my Real FB account. Over rated and I dont trust Mark.


Ryan Roland 12.09.2013 14:15

I say then do it. Imagine the press if a Fortune 500 CEO gets taken to jail for protecting their user's data. Yahoo stock would have soared - especially if it then came out that competitors, Google, MSN, etc, had all complied.

A t this point all your "resistance&quo t; or "skepticism&quo t; just looks like a big CYA PR move and you don't appear any different than any of your competitors.


Sir Percy 12.09.2013 12:49

The real treason is to betray the People of the USA when the government is trying to harm the people by a few faux elites.


Em 12.09.2013 11:52

Damage control from those who profited by selling out Americans and the rest of the world to spying programs. If not for Snowden they would be still be rolling over and continuing their "token resistance'.


eyeofinsight 12.09.2013 11:01

Surely, this is a case of too little, too late. When they were raking in millions on govt contracts and access to new technologies, they seemed content at the time. And now that Snowden has revealed their complicity on spying private citizens, they're suddenly on the side of privacy laws. This is no more a public relations stunt to mend their reputation than an actual attempt to fight for the protection of our freedoms. There is going to be a backlash for these giant internet companies & I am sure they are already noticing it.


josephlogston 12.09.2013 10:59

...I am still not hearing any talking about a NSA fix! ...are we still being monitored by these freaks? NSA illegal intrusion is not mentioned in my user/privacy agreement - do I hear lawsuit?


jim 12.09.2013 10:58

I am delighted that Snowden made the decision to disclose the spying networks.
But nothing is being made against it. As far as experience tells me, nothing will happen. People will just slowly adapt to live within fascism and the so called freedoms, if there were any, will vanish as time goes.
Just prove me wrong so that I can be happy about it.


Dejan Perko 12.09.2013 10:43


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