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Ukraine on brink of civil war after blood was spilt in east – Yanukovich

13.04.2014 18:30

Ukraine is a foot in the door to civil war, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich said in his address from Rostov-on-Don, where he has been residing for over a month after fleeing Kiev amid protests.

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zoran 14.04.2014 17:27

I hear the same language spoken on both sides of this confrontation - Russian. But one side feels Slavic, the other Germanic.

If you don't want brother for brother, you will have a stranger for master.


Jim McMexico 14.04.2014 12:56

U.S. government is also a de facto, not de jure government. The West wants civil war in the Ukraine and to destabilize much of the world to prevent competent leadership from opposing the one world globalist bankers.


Wake Upton 14.04.2014 10:34

Hey Valeri Barkov, you can bark as much a you want. You are a dog, nobody understands you


RG TC 14.04.2014 10:18

Valeri Barkov 14.04.2014 08:59

He not only destroyed the country but also now behaves like a traitor on a Moscow's strings.


A US budget of $5 BILLION destroyed the country !

Lay blame at the correct door.........

Now Russia has to walk a tight rope to get Ukraine back from the abyss that has been engineered by the US & EU.

Please tell the truth based on the factual evidence !


Pundit 14.04.2014 09:49

Russia will teach the chunta lessn very soon, if they dont stop attacking and killing demonstrators.


Ryan Evans 14.04.2014 09:36

Ukrainians elected Yanukovych. Gang of CIA backed neo nazis and deceived persons deposed him. Do you think coup leaders are legitimate leaders? Sadly for ordinary Ukrainian people their world is being destroyed by ultra nationalist ambitions and USA/EU manipulation. If the Ukrainian army had any sense it would arrest the coup leaders and impose military rule, followed by a referendum on Ukraines future. Get the CIA out of Ukraine. And if you think Yanukovych was corrupt (which he was) just wait and see what the new devils steal from your country.


mango2005 14.04.2014 08:40

He is a Quisling.


Regula 14.04.2014 07:36

denisovich 14.04.2014 06:46

What is it with the Russian infatuation of NAZIs. Nineteen forty was a long time ago.


You have it all wrong Tsar Cube: the infatuation with the Nazis is by the Americans. The Russians have a clear standpoint against the Nazis and therefore against Ukriane's extreme rightwing sector. Because Russia sees what the US intends to do, which is to use the neo-Nazi thugs to cause mayhem and civil war, which the US then accuses Russia of instigating to justify attack on Russia: one wing of US congress can't wait for such a war. The other wing doesn't want it.


Susan H. Wagner 14.04.2014 06:59

Residing in Rostov-on-Don since mid-February, Yanukovich refuses to accept his ouster, insisting that he remains the legitimate leader of Ukraine. He flew to Kiev amid the worst surge of violence in the country’s post-Soviet history.


denisovich 14.04.2014 06:46

Tsar Cube 14.04.2014 06:15

I doubt that many security forces in Ukraine would fire on their own people on orders of some Natzi NATO puppet.


What is it with the Russian infatuation of NAZIs. Nineteen forty was a long time ago.


Tsar Cube 14.04.2014 06:15

I doubt that many security forces in Ukraine would fire on their own people on orders of some Natzi NATO puppet.


ChrisWintle 14.04.2014 04:46

And to think that the philosophy of what the EU superstate was all about was to stop wars in europe, Far from the ideology, "The Great Deception" by Christopher Booker


Tom Stelling 14.04.2014 04:36

Its good thing the crook got out with his $$$70billion looted from the Ukraine treasury. Just look at the place he built his fleet of over Yes he ran after his Russian Snipers were shooting civilians And the Army said enough no more so his power base was gone... so what did your Russian Puppet do? Put is tail between his legs and ran to Poppa Putin crying all the way with suit cases of money.....


Liuba 14.04.2014 03:35

Hughe G Lee Hung 14.04.2014 03:35

Liuba have a nice evening, see you around.


Same goes for you. :)

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