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'Kiev junta turned to Berkut special forces out of fear of losing power'

23.04.2014 09:01

The fact that, after dismantling the Berkut special forces, the new government in Kiev is trying to bring them back shows how desperate the government is, not having enough people to actually support them, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT.

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Nestor Ivanovich 22.05.2014 12:33

According to interim commission report
from 30.11.13 to 22.02.14 1127 policemen were injured, 196 of them by firearms, 17 were killed (most at period from 18.02 to 21.02).


Bam Solano 07.05.2014 17:53

Those who are smart will know that Ukraine being help by Brittain and the West and Nato comment sense the Ukraine don't have any military experience and don't know how to defend themselves unless someone from the outside are helping them


Regula 02.05.2014 08:57

Hopefully, Berkut refused to join the junta government in Kiev. Many Berkut were hired in Crimea; some moved to Russia where they could join the police at the same rank. Some appear to be in eastern Ukraine where they joined the protesters.

Did any Berkut really join the junta?


penelope powell 24.04.2014 04:05

VIRAL. German investigation finds opposition on Maidan behind SNIPER ATTACKS. German TV ARD, Monitor program (like our 60 minutes). Video w English subtitles Search onenessofhumanity maidan-massacre-inve stigation
Altern atively, or in addition for broad interpretation of consequences search Hudson Report Ukraine to see that video too.
This has gone viral in Europe but is blacked out in US. Was aired in Germany approx April 11.


Aryan 23.04.2014 23:26

"You got to be cruel to be kind".Russia must not throw any money or any form of material support for Ukrainians,period.Cr imea is now sorted,but the rest of Ukraine needs a revolution and they should fight for their democracy like any other nation,so when they get it,it will be for ever.As long as Russia keeps helping her,any Ukrainian government will keep playing Russians off against west,so Russia should take a back sit and let Ukraine come to her.Ukrainians are not going to put up with EU austerity under a fascist government,east or west so Russia should exercise patience.Good things comes to those who wait.


Steve 23.04.2014 22:39

Kiev wants to call back men from Berkut? Are they serious?
Berkut should demand Kiev to apologize publicly for accusing them of shooting at the protesters in Kiev. But even that may not be enough, I think Bekrut should let those leaders in Kiev handle the pressure alone.


Mark 23.04.2014 22:34

TO:Blazkowicz Inc
thank you for your important comments.
Are you from Poland? May God save the Polish people from the designs of NATO and their imperialist agents.


Blazkowicz Inc. 23.04.2014 22:31

The Ukrainian self-imposed president must write in his diary:
-to the order of our grand masters from the USA we went against right group leaders too soon, this alienated them and now for the crisis in East Ukraine we don't have them in sufficient number to use them against the people in the East; who could have guess that soon after there will be trouble in the East?
-the Army do not listen us they don't want to shoot their own people for the profit of our masters the banks and the politicians from the West, shhhh...
-I have to admit that I was in a hurry when I disbanded Berkut, what if I'd pay them now and ...


Pundit 23.04.2014 19:26

USA is a friend of Ukraine is funny joke...


brian 23.04.2014 19:26

Slimy Biden has been hard at work plotting strategy with the Kiev junta. Victoria it seems has messed up badly, now the big boys are moving in . Expect more trouble in Ukraine .


Pundit 23.04.2014 19:24

stupid fascists


Blazkowicz Inc. 23.04.2014 18:06

[quote name='John Durham' time='23.04.2014 15:22']Mark 23.04.2014 13:44
U.S. neocons believe money is more powerful motivational force than honour, family, history and country.
[/quote ]

This might be true for most of the U.S. guys. Their grandparents renounced their history and their country the very first moment when they immigrated in America. What I find troubling is the fact that they want the rest of the world to be like them. This is why they consider the territories of Europe as virgin land where every lost soul of the planet have the right to come in and establish here.


Judy 23.04.2014 17:39

Those maiden self-defence activists look alot like 'the uniformed green men' in east Ukraine. Are you sure that Russian special forces haven't infiltrated these groups to 'sow dissent'? lol.


Good At Gambling 23.04.2014 13:51

I hope that the heroes (The Berkut special forces) do not follow orders from those neo nazis in Kiev. The Ukrainian Army should make a coup d' eta against The Neo Nazis in Kiev.


Mark 23.04.2014 13:44

According to number of media reports- these is strong indication that some of the five billion US dollars Victoria Nuland used to destroy the legitimate government of Ukraine may have been used to purchase plethora of cold(and hot) weapons-weapons used to kill, maim and burn alive Berkut riot police officers and now the same ultra fascists want to use the protection of the Berkut soldiers.
The Americans are telling them to offer U.S. dollars to the Berkut soldiers for sure this is the must be it because U.S. neocons believe money is more powerful motivational force than honour, family, history and country.


Mark 23.04.2014 13:37

Berkut warriors must never ever accept the offer of the ultra nationalists and Western imposed juntas. The Berkut insignia speaks heroism, patriotism and valour!

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