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‘Mr. Kerry, let’s talk about Fox News, BBC and Al-Jazeera bullhorns’

25.04.2014 10:09

This is information war, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar told RT, commenting on John Kerry’s attack against RT. If you have an alternative script like RT you are banned, because they are afraid, he added.

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Armando Rivera-Carretero 06.05.2014 16:12

This is a case of the kettle calling the pot black.


My View 06.05.2014 00:33

DevilInside 02.05.2014 01:45

The crucial difference is those western news outlets such as the BBC are never afraid of being critical of the presiding government, whereas I personally cannot recall ever reading any criticism of Uncle Vlad anywhere on Russia Today. Perhaps the editors are afraid that they'll suddenly be arrested on charges of theft or 'embezzlement' if they do.


Please get your head out of the sand.


Cynical175 03.05.2014 00:01

Unless I missed it that is that CN, BBC, Reuters, Europe and America have yet to call the present occupiers in Kiev government are outright illegal occupiers of government offices in Kiev. Not that I expected anything better from them.


Harman 02.05.2014 14:16

Devilinside, did u see CNN criticizing bush when the bombs started incinerating women and children in baghdad? Wake up, travel somewhere, meet people. Dont just sit there in oklahoma watching cnn and fox news.


Ivan Petkov 02.05.2014 09:35

DevilInside, you've lost your sleep and it seems the Devil has stolen your mind, since you claim that THE GAY BBC has never been afraid to criticize the presiding government. Do you think that any sensible person would believe your trash?


Gerry 01.05.2014 23:19

BBC was scaremongering today saying there are "fears" that Russian oil supplies to Europe "might" be affected over the "ugly" situation in Ukraine. Nothing to back it up. Just opinions from people who I've never heard of. Embarrassing to watch as a Brit. A student could have written it.


Alex 01.05.2014 14:18

RT is state-funded. Thus, when RT is reporting on Moscow's foreign policy, especially in regards to something as important and sensitive as Ukraine, it's at best a conflict of interest. More likely, Russia is like every other country - information is a weapon, and it is willing to use it. President Putin has already said that he is unwilling to lose Russia's influence over Ukraine, and that he would use every (legal) means possible. Media falls under that.


Alex 01.05.2014 14:15

[quote name='Isobel' time='30.04.2014 10:10']I nearly choked seeing State Department announcement that RT is writing propaganda - way beyond just pots calling kettles, outright hypocrisy by the State Department when their Sec of State never stops telling lies about Ukraine.
[/quote ]

For an example of RT propaganda, take a look at the RT news article (should have been Op-Edge) that states that Kerry blames the EU for starting the Ukraine crisis. Kerry never said that - he said that the EU made mistakes and allowed the crisis to escalate. There's a huge difference, but RT used it to promote misinformation (propaganda).


Hector 01.05.2014 00:02

Hey, it's just business. Don't take it personal! * note from the gangster mob movies...It's also very much the mentality of DC.


arrow 30.04.2014 11:56

More and more Americans don't believe mainstream media like CNN,BBC,Fox etc. anymore. They are seeking foreign sources of real news.


Isobel 30.04.2014 10:10

I nearly choked seeing State Department announcement that RT is writing propaganda - way beyond just pots calling kettles, outright hypocrisy by the State Department when their Sec of State never stops telling lies about Ukraine.

Th ey are frantic for people not to have a good impression of Russia and will say anything to achieve that. Including falsely denying neo Nazi presence in Kiev.


Gem 30.04.2014 06:34

The new BBC crest:
Nation Shall Speak Amtruth Unto Nation.

Ker ry's worried about the number of unfortunate truths in it's europuppet nations news media.


Michael Norman Landis 30.04.2014 01:38

Unfortunately, most of my compatriots only get spoon-fed the pablum dished out by CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS. Al Jazeera is having a hard time seeing the light of day, but is gradually making a name for itself amonst more knowledgable and critical viewers. Most cable or satellite providers won't even offer their customers the opportunity to view it. As for France 24, Deutche Welle, etc. folks are lucky if they can view condensed capsules on LinkTV or Free Speec TV, should their cable or satellite providers carry them. As for RT, PressTV, etc., folks must access through the net only...and more are each day!


Durandus von Meissen 29.04.2014 14:04

eslaporte 27.04.2014 21:22

Thanks ......officials and institutions.


If RT,,, Truthdig, Truthout, Democracy Now and Tom Dispatch were all providing Journalists to a Press Conference with this American Administration's officialdom, and Arianna Huffington with Bill O'Reilly were in the room as well, there would be two questions asked and answered by the latter, all others being ignored as Terrorist Sympathizers:

1). What do you think of Kim Kardashian's new vaginal tattoo; and,

2). when is the President going to clear-up the whole Birth Certificate debate?



Durandus von Meissen 29.04.2014 13:49

If the chief, horse-jawed Diplomat of Pandemonium is gurgling from his grain hole one can be sure that he is merely neighing to his Cross Bones stable of political stage hands for another script-line to echo, otherwise coughing up comments spontaneously from behind his vacuous Skull to ends even he has no intuition of. Take the comments he made during the Syria putsch about chemicals which seemed to have directly led to an alternative to his obviously preferred War rhetoric, giving the true diplomats opportunity to avert the pending blitzkrieg planned by his stable masters.

An y carrot will do: Washington Waltz.


Alex 28.04.2014 12:12

eslaporte 27.04.2014 21:22

RT DOES news coverage that appears to be more real that American new media. We do need to remember that American media is biased toward US government opinion because of the need for media access to government officials and institutions.


*s igh*. Russia Today does some good work. BUT, it is state sponsored. When RT covers events directly related to Russian foreign policy, especially something as important to Russia as Ukraine, it's a direct conflict of interest. And of course Russia will use RT to manipulate east Ukraine - any country would do the same.


Lee Anthony Nieves 28.04.2014 00:55

As a conservative/liberta rian American, I enjoy watching RT as it provides information I don't get on US networks. I'm against US meddling in the Ukraine/Crimea. More so, I am against Obama/Kerry, period as millions of Americans are. Obama/Kerry have only made the situation worse for the US and the EU would be well-advised not to toe the Obama/Kerry line. Obama is a weak president, and Putin knows this as does Merkel and Cameron. There is no need for the West to flex its muscles against Putin. We don't need to fight another war, especially for Ukraine. This is a Russian matter involving a former republic.

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