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​Americans live on a statistical reservation

07.05.2014 11:29

America's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports inflation in the US running at 1.5 percent.

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Serf 27.07.2014 00:12

American's don't live on a reservation. American's don't own any land as the US is a private corporation owned by the British Queen and US citizens are property of the UN as shown by their birth certificate social security number and the US has no public employees. Britain is owned by the Vatican according to Vatican Treaty of 1213.


Alex Semen 11.05.2014 05:02

basho 10.05.2014 17:11

or keep them in trailer park ghettos (the fastest growing real estate segment by private equity investors in America).


Bo th of you , you are correct if you change yours place and add yours assertion.
Anyhow the USA is using a very fancy instrument invented ad-hoc to say inlfation is down. As Eu do !
Out there is a false scarcity and a huge taxation on services that don't exist and never a neccessity ! As our Parlements and the entier BS arround this political masquerrade !


Yuri Ivanovich 11.05.2014 04:50

Food, petrol, utilities and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. The consumer feels the inflation even as the government and MSM deny it.


John M. Wadsworth 10.05.2014 18:02

basho 10.05.2014 17:11

Inflation = a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. period. cut the BS john


You are using the erroneous Keynesian definition of inflation. Rising prices and the loss of purchasing power can be caused by reasons entirely unrelated to the money supply or its value. Scarcity of goods (e.g., those created by crop failures or strikes) will cause prices to rise. In turn, this will cause a loss of purchasing power, which occurs any time prices rise for any reason. The Keynesian version of "inflation" ; doesn't properly account for this.


jerry tarnacia 09.05.2014 13:11

[quote name='' time='08.05.2014 20:01']
Did you pay for gallon of milk: $1.75 2 weeks ago or $0.91 seven weeks ago if your 12% increase EVERY WEEK holds true?[/quote]

I did not state 'EVERY WEEK' .Look at my comment,OK? R U just seeing what you want to see?

I almost want to repeat myself, but will not do it. Your lack of reading comprehension is not my problem.


Peter Anderson 09.05.2014 03:57

Having a house in the old days provided protection and security now with the rising inflation of household bills they have become our modern ball and chain.

Soon you will be able to get surgeon to implant a brain chip that connects you to Google with wireless internet at lower cost than a than a tin of beans.

Just free market economics no conspiracy here, ask any of the professors who have been to our prestiges Universities. No central planning, no monopoly, no desire for a brave new world........


John M. Wadsworth 08.05.2014 22:29

Frank Wolstencroft 08.05.2014 04:25

Private debt + government debt = private sector savings.


Back to Modern Monetary Theory, are you?

Econom ics is not merely a matter of accounting tautologies as the MMT people would have you believe. The value of money as an exchange medium is just as important as its quantity. The value of goods in dollars changes when the government goes into debt and a central bank engages in the inflationary creation of fiat currency to cover it. Nor does it result in private savings. It results in a corresponding reduction in value of privately held money.


John M. Wadsworth 08.05.2014 22:10

Both Max and the U.S. government are both in error with regard to inflation.

Inflation is NOT rising prices. Rising prices are sometimes a symptom of inflation, and other times are caused by increased taxation or scarcity of a given commodity.

Inflation means having more currency in a given market than necessary to represent the value of the goods and services traded. When too much fiat money floods a market, it reduces the value of the currency as an exchange medium as well as its demand. With less demand, more currency is required to draw the same commodity from the market, resulting in price increases.


08.05.2014 20:01

jerry tarnacia 08.05.2014 19:05

ID K,how long its been like that in the USA.Recently a half gallon of milk was $1.99, ten days later same exact item was $2.24.Same store.That is 12%.Please do not insult my comments w/"Rubbish BS"


Did you pay for gallon of milk: $1.75 2 weeks ago or $0.91 seven weeks ago if your 12% increase EVERY WEEK holds true?


08.05.2014 17:58

rhh 08.05.2014 10:17

I do think inflation is more like a 1000% in the USA,
printing completely worthless dollars on and on......
Could the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic
repeat itself in the USA? I am afraid. yes....


Rubbish and BS. I got coffee and a donut today for $2.50. If there was a 1000% inflation in my country US it would mean that a year ago I paid 0.2 of one cent for same food! Gues what? A year ago I paid same $2.50 for same coffee and a donut.


jerry tarnacia 08.05.2014 10:58

' time='07.05.2014 19:58'][quote name='jerry tarnacia 07.05.2014 19:39

The average 'Man-on-the-street' knows full well that the price of everything is going up,by 10% at minimum, every time he/she visits the grocery store or gas station.
.[/quot e]

What kind of BS is it? I live in the US and what you say is not true. What state or city do you live in?


So, MAYBE YOU ARE THE ONY ONE THAT DOESNT SEE GAS PRICES OF $4/GALLON,YES? and every other food price going thru the ceiling/getting smaller?


rhh 08.05.2014 10:17

I do think inflation is more like a 1000% in the USA,
printing completely worthless dollars on and on......
Could the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic
repeat itself in the USA? I am afraid. yes....


mergon 08.05.2014 09:07

We are living by numbers ,and its numbers we answer to its digital lifetime you bet some ones someone,s watching you ,da da da !


NPG 08.05.2014 08:50

Ted Sotinsky 07.05.2014 18:04

Thanks Max for daring to say the truth. Unfortunately, Americans actually believe the Washington theater group. They should give out Academy Awards to Obama and his wife, Kerry, Hegel, McCain and the other nitwits that work on that stage.


Cl assic! I think it's a bit D grade but it seems to appeal to a surprising number of clowns who still believe in these actors playing pretend to be a leader...


Frank Wolstencroft 08.05.2014 04:25

The world is awash with US dollars. Increases in the cost of living are driven mainly by increases in the money supply, which the private banks create out of thin air by making loans.
Private debt + government debt = private sector savings.


Frank Wolstencroft 08.05.2014 04:22

The Us Bureau of Labor also misrepresents the level of unemployment. The real number is around 20%.


Emmett 08.05.2014 01:36

LeslieT 07.05.2014 19:19

Just more lies from the gov, nothing new. I do not think the American people will ever rise up as they have become so dependent on gov assistance, the middle class is the group being destroyed and there is not enough of them left to be effective.Just what the gov wants.


Gov't stats can't be trusted. They're manipulated to arrive at a particular figure so essentially they're useless. Food and product sizes are getting smaller yet they cost the same price or higher. This is called inflation.


conservative one 08.05.2014 01:22

They brag about food stamps being used at farmers markets. People who haven't worked in 10 years buying organic food. Laughable.


Anne Kennedy 07.05.2014 23:36

The people with no job or income that get housing subsidies and food cards get more food than people that work whose income is too high to get any food or housing subsidies. It is absolutely true. The people that make more than $17.00 an hour can afford very little food. Anyone that makes less than $15.00 an hour with kids gets a food subsidy.

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