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Iraq and the US model for conquered territories

10.05.2014 19:19

The road to Baghdad Airport is the best illustration of what the United States build as they conquer one country after another.

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toolate.itsinthesystemnow 12.05.2014 13:41

Had a brilliant idea to stop 95% of wars. All the counties that have members of N.A.T.O. Now known as (The New American-empire Terror Organisation. ). fighting on their sovereign lands e.g. Afghanistan . Libya. Etc.. Etc. The list is endless. I would suggest that at least 90% of the displaced civilians should be resettled in the Good Old U>S>A....They have plenty of space. The UNITED KINGDOM IS FULL. Third most populated country in the World. After India and Korea.


Suyanto Ng 11.05.2014 17:58

Just like some that aware in Indonesia said: "We (economic sector) still occupy by imperialist, a dark-skinned Dutchman (refer to past Dutch imperialist) or
"It's painfull and humiliated under foreign imperialist rule, but more hurtful when under own countrymen imperialist." People that controlled by foreign interest it happen not only in Iraq. They're are national pest.


Rob Taylor 11.05.2014 17:01

MegaBreath is talking like a loon again. America hasn't won a war by itself in god knows how long. Stop deluding yourself about America going to war with Russia. It's never going to happen unless America fancies having every major city nuked to kingdom come. America isnt stupid they realise MAD is just that. They reached nuclear parity and so they can't fight each other as it would be suicidal to do so. So stop smoking them drugs that you have made legal in Colorado it's turning your brain to mush. Yee haa I'm a silly Yank.


Anybody 11.05.2014 13:28

Have not you heard? First Lady shedding tears for Nigerian girls abducted by salafists pay rolled trained and indoctrinated by kingdom of Saudi- lapdog of US. Tandem to it you hear voices that US should "help" Nigeria to find the girls: drones are coming.


Chris S 11.05.2014 13:26

The only hope is that one day the US will be held to accout an eye for an eye way, both the people of the US for not taking control of a corrupt terrorist government and the entire government itself should all pay 1 for 1.


Daisy Verma 11.05.2014 13:07

Iraq is still being governed by the US even after actually leaving the land. Method is simple by terrorozing the people of Iraq - killing hundreds every other month by bomb blasts. Iraqi govt machinery is fully in the hands of US govt. To US : terrorism is the best tool to terrorise both people and Iraqi govt and keep them in line. Though the US has left Iraq, but keep Iraqi puppet govt dancing to its tune by terrorism.


Ron 11.05.2014 12:44

The truth is Amerika has created a Frankenstein monster which they of all people are utterly incapable of throwing off, even in their own country.
Can you imagine Americans acting like the citizens of Kramatorsk, despite fascist snipers, tanks and attack helicopters? I can't.


seb o 10.05.2014 23:08

Randy 10.05.2014 21:02

Excuse me for insulting animals. I was referring to Soviet (Russian) soldiers. Please accept my apology, animals. Animals don't plant bombs in childrens' toys.


Ra ndy, you are the perfect example of a US puppet. What is the point in comparing atrocities commited by national Armies. I am sure Russians soldiers and commanders have crossed certain lines, but arguments like that are just hot-air when your own country is responsible for similar actions 20 times over. Raping vietnamese children is no better than blowing up Afghan children, unless your american right?


jerry tarnacia 10.05.2014 22:27

More like destroyed, The Republican Guard...PPPFFF...

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