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Russia should ignore Washington's 'new Cold War'

12.05.2014 23:51

Washington desperately needs a new Cold War with Russia to ensure a healthy Military-Security Complex and to maintain global hegemony, former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts told RT in an interview.

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Camillus O'Byrne 19.05.2014 11:45

William Betts 14.05.2014 10:09

only a few hundred people in Washington and Wall Street that run America. The Americian people do not count . . . the vote is meaningless. It has been this way in America since the 1980's. The only way this will change is for a revolution which will not happen in my lifetime....


I agree William, except most students of history would say it predates the 1980s maybe as early as Andrew Jackson. Also the tensions in the US are greater than you think, I suspect. Things could change very quickly, probably for the worse if history is a guide.


Brian Tomlinson 16.05.2014 15:22

Wolfowitz , Rumsfeld et al , all are jews.


Kevin Bjornson 14.05.2014 22:53

There is no need to conjure a new threat to justify military spending. There is already an old threat that started 1400 years ago.

After the west threw off Christianity and had a renaissance of enlightened reason, the west became strong culturally, militarily, industrially, and demographically. Thomas Jefferson created the US deep water navy and defeated the Jihadists, the Barbary Coast pirates who had been predators, seizing US merchant ships and kidnapping US merchantmen.

The west does not acknowledge the real conflict, so invents another that is easier to understand. Russia, a state, seems an easier target.


matahari 14.05.2014 13:40

If indeed the actions of Washington now and in the future is as per the Wolfowitz's doctrine of suppressing and controlling all emerging powers via NATO, then the logical thing for Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, N Korea, Central Asian states, Latin America, and anything other states desirous of maintaining their independence and sovereignty, is to come together and form a military alliance like that of NATO. But who can take the lead in starting such an organization? Mr Putin and Russia of course. Let's hope he is already working on this as this is needed to balance NATO.


William Betts 14.05.2014 10:09

The point should be noted here that there are only a few hundred people in Washington and Wall Street that run America. The Americian people do not count when it comes to a decision of war. The people can vote, but the vote is meaningless. It has been this way in America since the 1980's. The only way this will change is for a revolution which will not happen in my lifetime....


julian 14.05.2014 04:23

I think mr Paul is 100% correct, except for one statement.Russia is not trying to be accepted by America , they are just following a legal process to show the world exactly what America with NATO backing are doing , and its working beautiffuly , America is isolating itself without cost to Russia.Read white paper on war crimes produced by Russia about Ukrane, fully documented reaay for the Haige.Russia will NEVER back down to the west.They are quickly setting up aliances with Americas enemies.Absolutley brilliant.How washington must hate this interview exposing them


Blazkowicz Inc. 13.05.2014 23:23

[quote name='ThinkThis' time='13.05.2014 22:41']Russia should stablish a quick reaction force near his west borders, but at the same time ignore NATO provocative attitude.

[ /quote]

I don't agree here. If they let NATO at their doorsteps the neocons won't be pleased anyway, but try to push forward. This kind of entanglement will force the hand of countries like Belarus to strengthen their security and the laws, to the point the democracy will be in danger and this is something the West is also hoping for. The best thing to do for Russia would be to push NATO back as far as possible, ideally to its 1990 position.


Blazkowicz Inc. 13.05.2014 23:16

When you don't hit into a piece of wood that will strike you back. The Wolfowitz philosophy will generate international acknowledge on what's going on and then in turn all wealthy nations will turn their guns against the US. It is very risky to play the dominating the world card in a world where every country have the capacity to build nuclear devices. Sooner or later Mister Kim Harkonnen or other will put their nuclear arsenal to work. Think about how a few towers falling down have been changing the US, now imagine how a few hundred nuclear explosions on their land will shake the American vision on world domination.


Roger Gilbert 13.05.2014 20:48

By ignore,,Paul meant.."Not play into the hands off."
Strategically they are light years ahead of the west. They also think the west and their partners are insane, which they are. So far Putin has made some remarkably brilliant chess type moves and the west keeps trying to find ways to make them lose their cool!


No 13.05.2014 09:11

Why don't all American sojerboys and contractors March up and down the hills like the grand old duke of York?

We could use a good laugh.


Mark 13.05.2014 08:33

Last time Russia ignored Western military build up on its border it lead to the death of close to 30M Soviet people . I find the very idea that Russia should ignore the threats of NATO unsettling and disquieting.


Mark 13.05.2014 08:30


Russia cannot ignore what NATO is doing in Ukraine or what NATO is doing in Syria or what NATO is doing on the doorsteps on Russia. I find it rather strange that Stalin was to told to do at eve of Operation Barbarossa to Ignore the German military build-at the Soviet Union's border.
We are all entitle to our opinion. I am certain Russia will not ignore NATO build up on border of Russia.


Benesha 13.05.2014 07:59

Mark 13.05.2014 06:49

Russia cannot ignore NATO's new Cold War. Whoever said so is either purely a hopeless naïve or he has an agenda. Russia needs to push back NATO or face the profound implications of not doing so.


The best pushing back against these warmongerers in washington is just ignore them. That will really disturb them because it will push the public opinion towards the calm Russia and against the agressive us. Thumbs up for Russia.


SCOTT WILLIAMS 13.05.2014 07:37

Bush also reflected the Wolfowitz doctrine with his fascist statement: "Those who are not for us are against us.' This is an outright attack on the national sovereignty of any country not serving the interests of the United states. ...America will settle for no less than total domination.
The rest of the World should isolate the dictators by moving AWAY from using dollars, let that worthless toilet paper flood back into the sewer from which it came.


Jasmine NZ 13.05.2014 07:20

Nick Olson: Nice concise summary of recent events.


Mark 13.05.2014 07:19

I find it absolutely strange that at the very moment at which the progressive forces in Europe, and Germany in particular and in other parts of the world, are waking up to the fact President Obama is spreading NATO war of aggression(endless proxy wars against Russia from Syria, Ukraine) somebody is at the RT popular website advising the Russians to ignore the threats of NATO to the security of Russia and to world security. I find this proposition absolutely strange. for an alternative to what NATO's threat to Russia must be contested firmly please visit :Deutschland+Russlan d solidarity website!

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