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Bankers killing bankers for the insurance money and another look at 9/11

14.05.2014 18:44

Two big, macabre stories came out of Wall Street recently: the rash of banker deaths by apparent murder and/or suicide, and speculation that bank CEOs themselves are behind the trend to cash in on the insurance.

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Serf 27.07.2014 00:07

A lot of very senior people in companies and corporation have left in the last five years and probably because the insiders know something very big is going happen and they've probably been given a place in a deep underground military base awaiting armageddon.


Natasha Gerson 10.07.2014 10:05

Nice theory. There is only one major flaw. Life insurance policies are worthless in case of suicide.


trancesurf 17.06.2014 21:37

[quote name='Adeel Ehsan' time='19.05.2014 17:26']This is the fruit of interest based economic system and banking system that 6 billion people on this earth are their slaves !!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote ]
True, but even worse 5.99 billion people don’t mind to be a slave?


Adeel Ehsan 19.05.2014 17:26

This is the fruit of interest based economic system and banking system that 6 billion people on this earth are their slaves !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamee Barry 19.05.2014 16:14

So if we just let this continue, we will only be guilty of one "suicide" the last banker!!


Stephen Persaud 19.05.2014 14:15

Cantor Fitzgerald (top floors of world trade center) probably worked on "Super Ponzi" schemes......and as such they were told to stay where they were on that fate full day (Samsons {Pillars) and getting whacked was their final pay-off......

That's how military intelligence's how chess is played ...use you pieces then when hey have served their purpose...get rid of them


Sadie 19.05.2014 10:05

"Can't you see
It all makes perfect sense
Expressed in dollars and cents
Pounds shillings and pence"-
Amused to Death by Roger Waters


Earlene Bitterman 19.05.2014 06:07

And...what about the duck?


LisaAgnes 18.05.2014 21:03

Joe Arpa 18.05.2014 17:17

[...] What exactly is it Americans need?


Fo r the television to be shut off for whole month.


Richard 18.05.2014 13:07

Great, well, who is going to throw the guys at the very top of the banking cartel's pyramid off a high-rise?


Barbara Ann Levy 18.05.2014 10:13

Not only did the banks take out life insurance on bankers but also on consumers who took out loans. The life insurance policies were attached to the terms of loans.


Frank Wolstencroft 18.05.2014 09:49

Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden have indicated that the most controversial secrets are yet to be revealed. Could it be the truth about 911 ? Homeland Security has been purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. Are they expecting some kind of armed insurrection, when the truth is revealed and the lies exposed ?


PeteBKK 17.05.2014 23:14

In his book Rickards points the finger at the financially savvy Bin Laden and his cohorts for the insider trading. He blames Al Qaeda fully for the 9/11 attacks and agrees with the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report (that he calls "brilliant work") except with regard to insider trading. Max has alluded to why he does this. Rickards also calls the 9/11 truth movement "nonsense" and a "disservice to the memory of those killed". I respect Mr. Rickards' intelligence and financial literacy but when he strays into areas about 9/11 that are not his forte it does him a disservice and lessens his total credibility.


LisaAgnes 17.05.2014 04:12

I think that is disgusting.


LisaAgnes 17.05.2014 04:11

Sorry... should read: if the penalty for breaking the law dinged the corporate profit less than did actually not breaking the law. If it was more profitable to break the law and pay the fine, then it was more ethical to do exactly that than to obey the law.

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