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​Brave old (exceptionalist) world

30.05.2014 09:37

“I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.” So there it is, straight from the lion’s mouth, as in US President Barack Obama.

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Sharon R Spurgeon 04.06.2014 04:41

Good article. There is no exceptionalism because it was destroyed by multi-culturism. Bloodlines that may have produced excellence are water-downed by ignorance of equality. They try to convince that the snowflakes, finger prints and all that is in the world are equal. They are not. It is a lie. Why don't you try GOD's mountain that has got us this far instead of that of baal's. Wake up before we are all walking and our ability to succeed has been removed.


Nickita 03.06.2014 22:15

Egonomic crysis nor ecologic or economic crysis.
(egonomy as egoistic economy profit)

&qu ot;Who do not steal, robs its family."
(o ld slavic saying)


Peter Jennings 02.06.2014 13:21

'Exceptionalism'? more like isolationism. These people have such a backlash coming from their respective populations that no amount of preparation or force will stop it.

Those who are already awake are just waiting for that earthquake that will trigger the tsumani of accountability and justice. Every move the NWO nuts make just shakes more people out of their brainwashing.

The memory of Wat Tyler is thriving in the UK. He was stabbed in the back by a royal flunky. No change there then?


NPG 02.06.2014 07:25

I also feel so robbed my country doesn't spend half our tax dollars on military assets to terrorise the world... I feel so robbed and unexceptional. Poor me!


NPG 02.06.2014 07:20

Obama can believe what he wants he's a president remember. What a joke. Really wish i was a US citizen! Please Obama take me into your exceptionally broke, exceptionally violent, exceptionally brain washed and exceptionally stupid country!!!!


Valentine G. 02.06.2014 07:03

biggest threat for US government is US government


Zanajew 02.06.2014 06:00

Of co urse like all of us Mr. Obama has his human rights to speak out his opinions while nobody has obligation to approve.


Mart 02.06.2014 05:47

Does Obama believe what he says? If he does, what planet does he live on?


Fredrick Da Great 01.06.2014 20:30

The History (if it will remain any), will remember Obama as a pain in the and also as the man who curbed the the entire world with only a small price: USD and the US Economy collapse.


stan Dinsmore 01.06.2014 19:56

I have heard EVERY US President since Nixon give us the same at least once in their term of Office. The White House must keep the speech in a filing cabinet; to be dusted off + used when he needs to re-assure himself, or his country of it's exclusive "self appointed" leadership role in the World. But what does US lead in? Gov't debt, Weapons sales worldwide, Most countries attacked {whether there is War or not}, Most Lies told by Elected officials. That just isn't going to cut it anywhere......leader ship has to entail more than just these things; but for Obama, this is enough. His presidency has been a failure.


RedTickAlert 01.06.2014 18:12

Part of me feels like a traitor, part of me NEEDS to speak up. For year the USA have ripped or torn the World apart. The second World war, they only entered because the UK gave them our gold, the Falklands, they would not back us. They have caused ALL of the Worlds conflicts - they were the ones that inspired and funded Bin Laden - they funded the Arab Spring. They funded the Iranian uprising and then dropped them, when found out. The West - Europe is waking up to this, I certainly am no fan. Obama will ruin the US - let it be and good riddance


conservative one 01.06.2014 17:45

I'll be glad when this story drops form the top. I can't stand to look at Obummer on the front page.


Christopher Rushlau 01.06.2014 14:11

The rule of thumb in the US is that the anti-war movement is a wholly-owned subsidiarity of the Israel movement. Obama's remarks about exceptionalism, which this propagandist for Israel did not see fit to quote, were that the US is exceptional by obeying international law. Such an approach would be anathema to Israel, obviously.


narva3 01.06.2014 13:29

Then Barak Hussein Obama must believe that he is super exceptional for being the leader of such exceptional people.

Ado lph Hitler also though that he and the German people were exceptional. And, we all know how that daydream worked out for the Germans.

To day, we have Barak Hussein Obama flapping his lips about American exceptionalism. People who make such claims live in a fantasy world which usually ends in disaster for themselves and those around them, for example, Idi Amin Dada, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and now Barak Hussein Obama.


J Faltin 01.06.2014 11:30

US Government threatens & lectures everyone
The US economy seems to be a sinking ship

-The US threatens Iran about missiles & reactors
-The Us threatens France about French banks BNP & Mistral helicopter ships
-The US threatens Switzerland about Swiss banks
-The US threatens China about the South China Sea
-The Us threatens Russia about Ukraine and borders
-The US threatens the EU with Nulands "F The EU"
-The US threatens Donbass, Donetsk & Lughansk about mercenaries, referendum and terrorists.

The US state department list of nations threatened by the US & people accused of being terrorists is growing fast. Hubris


Benoit ZuccarellI 01.06.2014 10:41

Chris Gibbins 01.06.2014 08:24

The war on poor people continues,everywhere .


H aven't seen you here before this article but you are blind to the facts. Undermining the USD will be catastrophic to the USA. That is why they are scared of the east alliance.[/quote]

Alliance? What alliance?

O MG.......think what you want,IDGAF!


Regula 01.06.2014 10:13

China and Russia played their cards well: they delayed the gas deal until the silk road project, the contracts by China with the stans, Russia normalizing the borders with the stans, the Eurasian union and the railway line from China to the EU via Russia already functioning since 2011, were all ready, to prevent the gas deal from undermining the other elements, as it could be taken for sure that the US would retaliate against the gas deal by sabotaging the silk road project, the railway line and the contracts with the stans. In addition, China is negotiating a free trade agreement with Malaysia, to connect Asia.

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