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Syrian govt to do utmost to 'create environment of safety and security' during elections

03.06.2014 07:52

While the Syrian government tries to secure the presidential polls, the opposition is likely to resort to violence to discourage people from voting, as the vote won’t be in their favor, Professor of International Law Daoud Khairallah told RT.

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cineex Farshid Hamedi 04.06.2014 09:56

The pepole sick of the any arm and freedom fighting and....... So on in this model noting and no one will blive this type of defending or fighting , so who is safer in this type of syco war , no one or some , but was a tuff and un human lesen for next gen.


Derek Maher 04.06.2014 05:40

Seeing as how Syrian people were barred from voting at their embassies by EU governments I think we can take with a pinch of salt any criticism from that quarter.


Emmett 03.06.2014 23:49

The Syrian people have the right to elect whomever they want to represent them. If that person is Assad it is none of US or EU's business.

Everybody knows US is mad that Assad won't let them rape and pillage Syria's natural resources. Good for him.

If US and EU want some oil go buy it on the open market and pay market price for it instead of stealing.


Manfred Ziegler 03.06.2014 21:43

This article is absolutely right. You have to acknowledge, that many, many People in Syria want the president to be Mr. Assad. Think of the election last week in Beirut. So many People voted - this was extremely important.


paul rose 03.06.2014 20:45

This whole election is a complete farce. Assad is only holding then in government controlled areas, and is set to win a 7th term, because people are too scared to vote against the Assad government

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