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​Obama's Europe doctrine: Too much stupid, not enough serious

04.06.2014 11:10

What to make of the ‘new’ Obama foreign policy doctrine?

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Lawrencezepp 14.07.2014 17:13

today Kiev's military struck inside of Russia, one man killed.


Lawrencezepp 14.07.2014 17:11

Two opposite forces, capitalism and socialism , struggling to dominate one another. The rich ruling class versus the workers world wide.


mergon 04.07.2014 14:29

Admitting that now still wont get you anywhere !


DarkEyes 02.07.2014 22:16

Nervous poodle, US vassal Polish government is totally untruthful. They hope to be rewarded with more land from the east like after The Great War.

Danger ous government, will do everything US Corpocracy will dictate them.

I wonder if the Polish people take any notice what their government is doing to them.

May peace prevail for all of us.


Joshua jacob 06.06.2014 13:29

It has been said that America is Christian country,why would they allow Obama and Kerry to do what they want,isn't there any check and balance.Has he become a dictator? Why Europeans leaders would not use common sense. Civilians are dying in East Ukraine.I believe Euro leaders are going to fall apart in coming elections,including Angela Merkel!


Kayo 06.06.2014 08:54

Let me be transparent, I was one of the naive idealists who thought that Barack Obama would steer the American empire in a more humane direction or at least try to do so, back in 2008. I volunteered and campaigned for him. But perhaps it wasn't so much because of naivety but because of lack of choice. Hillary Clinton wouldn't be a better alternative. And the stupid pair of John McCain and Sarah Palin was unthinkable. And in 2012, the arrogant neo-con who opposed him was not a choice either. It is depressing to realize that the system has been rigged in such a way that only villains could ever come on top.


SCOTT WILLIAMS 06.06.2014 08:10

Great article. On the world stage: Russia, an emerging economic powerhouse and America's leadership doing all it can to bait them into a destabilizing military conflict.

The thing IS becoming a joke. It seems that the American side is slipping ever deeper into their own alternate universe. I guess being 'exceptional' means never having to face reality?


Raymond Dillon 06.06.2014 03:08

P{epe you out did yourself this time, great article bro, keep em coming , interestingly only foreigners take Obama and his band of neocons seriously , here in America he is a laughing stock.
As for the Poles they are like the French, they have never won a war - in any century. Russia has nothing to worry about there.
Yes Afghanistan is where empires go to die and America is no exception, 3 trillion dollars in 10 years and still cant beat the Taliban? Thats pathetic.
The late Soviet president Yury Andropov warned Ronald Reagan to be wary of wishful thinking, obama should pay heed.


Armando Rivera-Carretero 05.06.2014 22:51

We are the new Roman Empire, Republican France under Napoleon and Nazi Germany under Hitler. We want the world and we want it all. The more the world changes, the more it stays the same.


Armando Rivera-Carretero 05.06.2014 22:49

Wait, isn't that the Nobel Peace Laureate standing with a warplane as a backdrop? Isn't this an oxymoron? Mr. President, let me remind you that you are debasing the Noble Peace Price with your aggressive military posture in Europe.

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