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‘Obama and Putin should be in the same room at Normandy celebrations’

04.06.2014 11:18

The Obama administration is pursuing schoolboy tactics by refusing to sit down with Putin at the same room to discuss the Ukrainian crisis and to try to diffuse existing tensions, Asia Times roving reporter Pepe Escobar told RT.

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paul 18.06.2014 12:33

Growing up in England in the 70s, fed on a diet of cinematic propaganda and historical lies, I erroneously believed it was the UK and USA who won WWII with the USSR in an ambiguous, supporting role.

Of all the lies I was fed by the UK state education system, the myth of WWII was without a doubt the biggest and the one most diametrically opposed to the true facts of the situation, namely, the Soviet Union won WWII, with the UK & USA in a supporting role.

'We and our allies owe and acknowledge everlasting debt of gratitude to the armies and people of the Soviet Union' Frank Knox, United States Secretary of Navy


fred 17.06.2014 23:04

Mr. Putin you are a statesman of great stature, your statemanship has shamed the club of warmongers. (nato). Europe owes the Russian people a dept of gratitude that it will never be able to repay. Russia saved us from the jackboot of Nazi Germany, yet in ignorance and stupidity the west seeks to condem you. Stand tall Mr. Putin with your people supporting you!!


Dirk Pretorius 08.06.2014 19:31

Terry Ross 06.06.2014 15:45

Cou ld you name 1 instance where Putin has refused to meet wth Obama or refuse to be a part of a Presidential group meeting such as G8 or to attend an event such as Olympics?

Obama has refused to meet with Putin, has told him he is unwelcome in G8, has refused to attend Sochi Olympics or even Victory day celebrations in Russia.

Let s allocate the blame where it belongs. Obama's position is indefensible , that is why he does not wish to talk.




Dirk Pretorius 08.06.2014 19:25

President Putin, WELL DONE. You were brave to walk into a hostile atmosphere but you represented Russia like a true statesman.

I lived in your Russia for 5 years and I felt more free there than in any other country where I lived. Thank you Russia. You became my 2nd home.

My wish going forward is that the West will engage with Russia and Ukraine to assist Ukraine to get out of the current crisis, and for all the Eastern countries to grow economically and be prosperous.


George "False Flag" Bush 06.06.2014 22:51

Dark Horse 06.06.2014 22:45

Look at my picture. Malignant Narcissism at it's finest. Search Google for this image.


Let me play devil's advocate. Can we cross breed?


Dark Horse 06.06.2014 22:45

Look at my picture. Malignant Narcissism at it's finest. Search Google for this image.


Dark Horse 06.06.2014 19:58

DoAskDoTell 04.06.2014 21:36

in the past generations, we would probably see Obama, Putin and Holland all sitting down at dinners trying to harsh things out like educated wise adults/statemen caring about world peace and fair law... de-escalation away from World War or Cold war or proxy wars...

Oba ma/Holland could learn a few things from Putin because he is wise statemen and has many experiences on all levels


Th ats not going to happen. Obama has a Narcissistic personality. He is too arrogant and too proud. Obama will never swallow his pride. Putin has maturity and experience.


Lucia Rodrigues 06.06.2014 19:52

GWB 06.06.2014 19:05

Obama should dine twice: One with Putin and the second time with Putin again! Both are too skinny!
French President is already too fat!!!


Ag ree. LOL


Delete This Comment 06.06.2014 19:51

Good of Hollande to respect the Separate-But-Equal Jim Crow laws in effect at the time of D-Day, and give separate dinner accommodations to the Negro Socialist, away from the White Grown-Ups.


No 06.06.2014 18:27

Mark 06.06.2014 12:42

and for the look of it Germany will be occupied by the U.S. in the foreseeable future. Very sad, indeed.


Impossible. World's smartest occupied by world's dumbest? Led by a pigmy?

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