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Western focus on ‘delegitimizing’ Syria election

04.06.2014 11:46

Of course these Syrian presidential elections must be the ‘parody’ and ‘farce’ that Western officials and media are relentlessly claiming.

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god bless syria 06.06.2014 13:06

what about russia and china. the American President was gone as far as it is present at the appointment of the president Ukraine, what do you expect to congratulate your ally al-assad. I do not know how long we will fear reactions usa while this country don't makes any consideration for others, it can crush even his allies for his interests


My View 06.06.2014 02:50

Syria election result "meaningless&qu ot; says US State Secretary John Kerry, because "election took place during a state of civil war". Adding, "you can't expect free and fair elections whilst the government is bombing its own civilian population".

Ukrainian election result "resounding success" says US State Secretary John Kerry. This even though election took place during a state of civil war, and the junta Ukrainian government bombing its own civilian population.

Is it just me, or can other people see the double standards here?


My View 06.06.2014 02:33

It's worth bearing in mind that a democracy is only a democracy when the US declares it as such.

The voting part is just for the perception of public participation.


Rick Sterling 05.06.2014 15:44

Brilliant article. We need more scrutiny of UN Under Secy Feltman and his influence in biasing the UN overall.


DragnarDaBreaker 05.06.2014 06:41

It is easy to be a hypocrite when you have the largest army in the World and puppets ruling all your colonies.


Norberto Triemstra 05.06.2014 06:40

Democracy today, 2014, stands for short tenures, no radical or intergenerational changes can be made on policy in order to maintain the current status quo, and mass media pre-selection, to ensure kosher candidates and filter out loose cannons....


Norberto Triemstra 05.06.2014 06:35

People thinks that the definition of democracy is universal suffrage, popular elections, while in reality the meaning of the word DEMOCRACY in the anglo-jewish west is: MASS MEDIA MANAGED elections.

Of course, this applies ONLY to non-PUPPET states (in puppet states it really does not matter at all HOW puppets are elected, Pinochet and Karzai are examples...).


Yuri Ivanovich 05.06.2014 05:05

Sounds like the work of bully, bossy Obam. He's mad that the people didn't want Obam's terrorist regime to run the country. After all it worked so well in the Ukraine.


J Faltin 05.06.2014 04:55

What makes G7 member states experts in field of ethnic, cultural genocide & morally superior?
Concentration camps, Comfort women >
Hi roshima, Nagasaki etc
Exterminating First Nations "Indians" with disease infested blankets, slave labour Uranium mines, Natives cultural genocide>
Fra nce-
Battle of Bab El Oued
Champ de Mars Massacre
Paris massacre of 1961
Sétif and Guelma massacre
Roman Empire, Mussolini, Fascism, Italo-Ethiopian War, 1937 Yekatit 12 massacres>
UK -
Burmese Days, G Orwell, Boer Genocide murder of 30.000 women & children
Germany -
Innocent, “He was Austrian”


J Faltin 05.06.2014 04:42

G7 member states Leaders

In a joint statement the G7 leaders declared that Ashir Basad has no future in his own country Syria.
The Syrian people have no longer a right to choose their own leader as Diebold Voting Systems detected familiar irregularities.

If the Syrian elected leader was expected to move to Hawaii or get a new job for the US state Department Diebold Election Systems branch was not discussed.

G7 members reiterated the Moral superiority of the G7 member states claiming to themselves having never comitted war crimes.


Emmett 05.06.2014 01:17

Hardy Ahmed 04.06.2014 17:56

Why don't they care weather the child molester pedophiles in ibn Saudi land have a an election or not .


Sa udi is lap dog of EU and US; they sell their oil for petrodollar so EU and US have no problem with their little lap dog. When and if the lap dog decides he doesn't like his mean masters and want to leave then you'll see EU and US push for a regime change in Saudi.


harayanvi mard 04.06.2014 22:26

Kill anglo agents evrywhere.
Anglo s west is not democracy itself. It thinks military junta in ukraine or chile has been legitimate.!!


Enrique Ferro 04.06.2014 22:12

"You can intervene to aid a population against an illegitimate government." And what about Ukraine?

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