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​'Snowden should not be afraid that nothing has changed' - WikiLeaks

Published time: June 05, 2014 14:14

Edward Snowden (AFP Photo / Channel 4)

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We see a rapidly changing world with massive leaks, though it will take time to make the general public realize how serious the situation is, Kristinn Hrafnsson, investigative journalist and spokesperson for WikiLeaks, told RT.

RT: In one of his first interviews, Snowden said his biggest fear was that nothing would change after his revelations - do you think the US might still manage to sweep the scandal under the carpet?

Kristinn Hrafnsson: No, definitely not. Edward Snowden need not be afraid that nothing has changed. Everything has changed. And it has been changing for a few years after WikiLeaks paved the way with massive leaks, and then came Snowden. We see a rapidly changing world with massive leaks and whistleblowers reporting on wrongdoings and producing material to support the revelations. We are seeing big changes, but it takes a little time to see things.

RT: The scandal gave rise to many services aimed at helping you secure your privacy online, and also inspired the "Rise the Net" campaign for a spy-free web. But is this goal realistic?

KH: The fight will be hard, it will take time. Of course the first step will be to make the general public realize how serious the situation is. And the key role there will be the mass media that has been rather slow in reporting to the public the seriousness of the situation. I have a feeling that the general public is almost turning a blind eye to it. This is a big and serious blow to the privacy of every individual in the world. It is almost like a major trauma to the body and the brain just shuts down the pain because it is too big. But slowly and gradually we are seeing people are waking up to this reality. The general public do have tools to bypass NSA snooping.

RT: Governments go all out to catch and prosecute whistleblowers. Can supposedly secure sites such as really protect those trying to expose government wrongdoing?

KH: We try our best at WikiLeaks for example to protect our sources. We have a pretty good track record here - none of our sources have been exposed due to anything that we have done. So there are ways and means. But let me also mention that the general public also has to put pressure on the large corporations that have been complicit in these major and serious crimes against people's privacy all over the world.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Comments (8)


Christopher 08.06.2014 23:06

Is Snowden authentic or just another "limited hangout" diversion?

All his revelations so far, are old news, with publicity that seldom accompanies genuine whistleblowers.

Of course Merkles phone is tapped? If your phone isn't tapped, it means you are of no importance. Ask Victoria Nuland.

And who is surprised than an internet designed by DARPA, doesn't serve DARPA?

Snowden needs to spill some serious beans on 911, JFK's murder and Israeli operations within the US to be taken seriously.


Vampire 08.06.2014 18:46

Snowden is hero no matter how much the opposition likes to trivialise or vilify his revelations. The world needs to open its eyes to the abuse, absolutely ineptitude, and self serving behaviour of its leaders.


Peter Anderson 06.06.2014 11:43

The biggest problem we face is the indoctrination of Children and Students with New World Order ideology.

T hese well meaning Journalists, children and naive activists are demanding equality.

E quality does not exist in the natural world. For two things to be equal they have to be the same! The only way to enforce this unnatural state is Totalitarianism!

People are sleeping walking into distopian nightmare!

Being against this mantra of equality doesn't make someone bad or unfair!

People need to wake up and realise they are being duped! When we have this forced equality are all our problems just going to vanish?

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