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Brazil countdown: Get me to the World Cup on time!

09.06.2014 10:45

It’s high fever time in Sao Paulo. The Dutch are chilling in Ipanema, right in front of the beach. The Italians are in their own Riviera 100 kilometers from Rio.

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Nathan Smith 12.06.2014 18:26

Everyone around the globe are crazy for football and have been waiting for the FIFA world cup 2014, I am a diehard BRAZIL fan. But in the busy schedule how to watch fifa worldcup! is a big question. Watch FIFA online from anywhere. There are no obligations and a 7 days free trial.


Boon Tee Tan 11.06.2014 01:17

Not long ago, articles praising Brazil's amazing economic growth were in abundance. Now this member country of BRIC seems to be on the decline, largely due to bad management and corruption, not unexpectedly though.
The World Cup event is for the rich, they will get richer. As for the poor, many have been forced to leave the slum, pushed out of the city, and they can only get poorer.


W.C. 2014 10.06.2014 20:58

Put everybody, fifa, globo, cbf, pt, psdb, psb, pmdb in the 2014 Water Closet and flush them off!


Ralph 10.06.2014 17:53

Bernardo Morais a real Brazilian. Who can see the big picture.


Bernardo Morais 10.06.2014 17:50

Discuss with this Brazilian it's like start a conversation in a asylum.
"Da rk forces" "coloured revolution"
Don't take this guy as a portrait from a real brazilian.
As I said in other post, this one is a ready joke. All that he says is madness and bullsh17.
We have a false democracy, that only works in the paper. In reality, we dont have choices, its all corruption and favors from one corrupt to another corrupt.
We dont have right wing or left wing, we have individual or group interests, big corps, banks and families that rule this country and dont want to lose their status quo.


Ralph 10.06.2014 15:20

Brazilian, you are the Blind side of the power. Explain to me why Brazil is just after India in number of killings?
Tell me too why Brazil can't not finish the country to the world cup even spending 3x more than needed?
tell me too why you have a government without enemies?
Tell me too why you love to see people at north side of Brazil without water?


Brazilian 10.06.2014 15:16

Hi Jaguar and Ralph,

I see that you both cannot debate anything. Sorry, you are a collection of cliches. No proposals, only chaos. I´m wrong when I say you are suspicious of belonging the dark forces. Dark forces would recrute more inteligent people to do the job. Bye, bye.


Ralph 10.06.2014 15:03

Hi Brazilian,
tell me you are Joking about Brazilian Democracy.
THey pick up 3 people, 1 = Total crazy, 2 = Total useless and 3 = not total crazy. SO you must select the less worst.
I bet you put Sarney over there too and all other people in a very real and strong Democracy. If you can't see Brazil is already in a Dictatorship but with a lot of Marketing to hide it. I don't think a Revolution is good but stay telling that it is ok will not change, you can change your country by asking more from Government and not just keep on telling OH PERFECT, if you dont know Brazil is second with more killings in the planet. ;)


Brazilian 10.06.2014 14:14

Hi, Ralph,

It´ s dangerous what you said. That exposes clearly your intention. Try do desintegrate Brazil as a Nation and you are gonna be surprised.


Brazilian 10.06.2014 14:10

Dear Ralph,

What do you want? A people revolution? Too bloody!I´m aware of brazilian problems. But we are in a democracy. We have elections. There are 3 people one can choose. What is your choice? Or do you prefer a coloured revolution?In this kind of revolution, could you tell who is gonna win? I bet it will be similar to what happened in Ukraine, won´t it?


Ralph 10.06.2014 14:09

I love the Brazilian style of I'm a Patriot and my country is perfect. Brazil no longer exist as a Nation, you need to take it back sir.


Ralph 10.06.2014 13:58

You all can blame everyone, but If Brazil fail to host the world cup it is now a USA or NATO project. It is Brazilian way to do things. You wanna say that everything is perfect but it is not. You can name thousand countries and say they are worst, but still you are blind in not looking at your own house. If you are a Brazilian you should be fighting against this FIFA chaos. YOu know that is a dead end for our economy, you know how you country is and know that we need more than a bunch of Soccer players earning tons.


Ralph 10.06.2014 13:53


If everyone had the same point of view of you Edward-Swoden would be a criminal and US the clean and perfect place. Because of people like you Brazil have problens. People who rather blame everyone for their own mistakes and blind for the real big picture, Brazil is not the worst place in this planet but could be way better if people had a voice against the State. If you think it is nice to pay 6 millions a soccer player while 1.500 to a Doctor, if you think that is ok to host a soccer and spend billions while do you can't even control a basic Airport? Wake up your sand castle is near a wave.


Brazilian 10.06.2014 13:45

Hi, Jaguar,

I see thet you a chaos prophet. No solutions. I´m sorry, Solution is chaos. Very suspicious. Pepe is far from being a professor. A professor would tell the whole story. Say anything more about your toughts, Jaguar. Are you a member of the dark forces? Did you act in Ukraine also? Do you act in Turkey and other countries to install chaos?


dennis curry 10.06.2014 13:21

ALL heck will break loose. Look out Pepe


Brazilian 10.06.2014 12:46

To Pepe
Sao Paulo State Government is in charge of investments in Metro transportation. In the last 20 years Sao Paulo State has been run by the same party which is in opposition to Lula and Dilma Roussef. You didn´t write about the Scandal involving european companies bribering SaoPaulo Government during a new trains bid. You have to tell the whole story. You have to tell that there are forces trying to derail the WC, because they want chaos in order to win the elections next October. It´s a little bit as in Ukraine. If they don´t win, they will try to set more chaos to install a coup.


Brazilian 10.06.2014 11:37

Well said Alex Hamilton, "the country spends all the money of WC in less than a month in education". This is a front page report of Folha de SP, a main stream newspaper, not known for being Dilma Roussef´s supporter. This Barbara Gancia, mentioned by Pepe works there. It´s at least strange that Pepe doesn´t mention this fact. One point to RT Editors is why Pepe takes side of the people who want to set chaos in Brazil. Next month there will be a Brics summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, and I wonder if RT will support Pepe critisizing this important (for Russia) alliance. May be he´s going to critisize Mr. Putin.

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