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'Security conference on Iraq is needed, but without the US and the UK'

11.06.2014 09:04

The problem of security in the Middle East region has to be sorted out, maybe with some kind of conference that does not allow the Americans or the British to be involved, journalist Afshin Rattansi told RT.

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Wayne Koppa 15.06.2014 21:28

Iraq is asking for US assistance. The problem with Russian military is wherever they are, Putin decides that's now Russia.


DoAskDoTell 13.06.2014 22:00

no US/Uk/Isreal... otherwise there will be more kbooms and mercenaries black-ops, drones attacks hospitals, every town... instead of real reasonable sensible dialogs between neighbors and peace supporters (de escalation/stopping wars)


Ursula Riches 13.06.2014 10:16

Theoretically, would Saddam be able to curb the violence in Iraq now, using his ruthless methods? I have been open minded about this demonised man and asked the questions, ' Why did he act so ruthlessly? Was it of necessity?' Would it be worthwhile to take a look at how Saddam kept order?

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