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​Politkovskaya case: What was left behind after court verdict

11.06.2014 12:55

Eight years after the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, the most famous Russian journalist, the court passed a verdict on five Chechen defendants and variously handed them from 12 years to a lifetime in prison.

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Emma Amberly 15.06.2014 16:22

Politkovskaya was Jewish. Jews hate Russians with all their hearts as they hate everyone, who does not belong to their race. Everything she wrote was according to the collective mind Jewish use around the world to carry out their agenda. It does not matter what she thought personally, she did what she was ordered to do. I don’t know what kind of person she was but it does not matter for the Jews always do what they do with cold heart and they proved it over the thousands of years. They hate Putin for he is a human with a strong charisma and because he would bend on their orders.


aseem bharatgas 15.06.2014 10:35

i literally havent heard this woman saying anything nice about russia. at least nothing that made it into the papers. seems like she was very much obsessed with ensuring the world saw the post-yeltsin russia as a terrible place to live in. and did she ever speak out against the oligarchs and what they did to russia in the 90s? if she did, i definitely never saw that book on store shelves. how does one write about putin and miss/ignore the period and evils of the oligarchs that put him in power? seriously!!


Ursula Riches 12.06.2014 17:51

Andre Kristoffersen 11.06.2014 23:20

...journalists tend to disappear or get killed in Russia. Putin started to get anxious about his future. Revolutions can also happen in Russia Putin worried & this amazing woman pay the price.


I think the Russians had less to gain from killing her than theose who backed the wahhabis had to gain by killing her and blame Russia. In the UK, the dirt was heaped over Putin for her death. The Polish govenment's deaths may have been to hurt Putin too. The real reason that Anna died is likely tohave been because she had uncovered stuff about the Wahhabis.


pouca 12.06.2014 12:32

Great article. Whether she was a great literary journalist (Orwell?) is for historians. What's not in dispute is that she was fearless and committed; she dug out the truth from the mass of propaganda which surrounds all controversial events and presented it unvarnished to her readers. She was not for or against any politician or state; she stood for the truth.


Conser Pov 12.06.2014 06:15

She was a cheap political prostitute. No morals, no principles.

She's dead? Well, that's how dirty prostitutes tend to end up - getting in bed with dregs and such.

Every one in Russia knew what she was, and nobody cared what she wrote.

Of course, those who jump at that story, blame ''evil Putin'' etc. are just the same - cheap shills on Sate Dept payroll.


Алексей Кушнир 12.06.2014 01:52

What can I say?
She was person, who collaborated with Chechen terrorist, who beheaded Russian soldiers (literally), and she did everything to harm Russia and Russians, so, whoever killed her - I thank him for it.

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