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Iraq: The things warmongers said

27.06.2014 11:26

Iraq is in turmoil - with ISIS controlling large areas of the country - but the truth is that it's been in turmoil since the illegal 2003 invasion.

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Berke Beenhouwer 15.07.2014 21:33

The lie remains more powerfull than the truth indeed.


Siseko Petros 03.07.2014 12:59

im amazed att how we still entertaining this nonsense
when its so clear whose who and whose doing what? ppl seem to suffer from a serious lack of memory and
decency to tell the truth by that i mean the west period.
non Europeans are tagged as seperatists,jihadist s etc while these western leaders are referred to as peacemakers when they actually take more innocent lives than those so-called perpetraitors.


sonnyyy 30.06.2014 12:25

Unlike Russia the US looks after its allies, a divided Iraq is good for the Suadies and for Israel. The Kurdish province will go to Israel and the Sunni provinces to the Saudies, and what is left will be the new Iraq only of Shiites.


Mark La Brooy 30.06.2014 11:42

I am amazed that Blair, Bush, Perle and Rumsfeld are still alive and not assasinated.


Charles Hayes 30.06.2014 03:23

Americans Love War Even It Kills Them ...Bye George !


Anthony Davis 29.06.2014 18:30

"Do we really want to take these people's advice on what 'we' should do now in Iraq? Up to a million people have been killed since the illegal invasion and as critics predicted at the time, the war led to enormous chaos and instability and boosted radical Islamic extremism. By their own words, let the warmongers be damned.”

My sentiments exactly. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…doesn’t matter; ain’t gonna happen.


SSD7 29.06.2014 16:36

Quote from GW Bush above: “When I spoke to Congress more than a year ago, I said that those who harbor terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves.” Golly, duhhhh----, Then, the USA today is as guilty as the terrorists it is arming/financing in Syria/Iraq. Duhhhh, the democratic America, the verbal, hypocritical advocate of human rights is doing that, duhhhhhh???


Billy 29.06.2014 16:27

Incredible how Bush & Blair got away with everything they did against the World and the mankind. As soon as they pressed the demolition buttons on 9/11 (WTC1, 2 & 7 (no drone)), all the war, surveillance and opression plans received a green light, as expected.


hp b 29.06.2014 13:30

Meet the neo-neocons.
Sam e as the old neocons.

Cr eatures from The Yehuda triangle..

New York - London - Tel Aviv


Freesaxon 29.06.2014 08:52

>>> Iraq: The things warmongers said <<<

It must have taken Neil Clark a while to collate all that information, or perhaps hes just been saving it all in an organised way.

Whatev er the case hes done a good job... speaks volumes, I think almost everyone on here agrees, may I suggest ...

-Save page as ....

Well thats what I will be doing


Mike Pilgrim 29.06.2014 05:55

America has become a dictatorship. Two parties decide who the dictator will be, Americans cannot choose who they want. The dictator Obama ignores Americans, wont get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Dictator Obama spies on Americans a thousand times worse than Stalin or Beria. Dictator Obama murders anyone he likes with drones. Dictator Obama kills Iraqis because his quisling Netanyahu tells him to kill any Muslim who gets nuclear weapons. Dictator Obama is forcing America to become homosexuals, with gay marriage, forcing America to become murderers with drones.


mike 29.06.2014 05:38

Your right they don't care; they don't even care about their own masses inside their own borders.
"I nterviewer: Is it curious to you that given how much control U.S. and coalition forces now have in the country, they haven't found any weapons of mass destruction?

Not at all...We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.

D onald Rumsfeld, US Defense Secretary, 30th March 2003" Even his answer shows the contempt he has for ordinary people. He treats us as no accounts and fools.


Gnollrunner 29.06.2014 05:29

fox bravo 28.06.2014 18:10

If you must invade Iraq in 2003 you nuke it with a big dirty bomb so you kill these savages.


Typical American a-hole attitude. You have some dispute with another country? Just kill everyone there. For the most part only American lives matter to Americans. This is why I moved out. Most Americans have zero conscience about the damage caused by their country and what's worse they see no reason to change their behavior.


MarshallsPioneers 29.06.2014 05:01

amandamflynn 28.06.2014 21:34



great titties null lady


MonsantoGoingDown 29.06.2014 03:30

"We know where they (WMDs) are." - Donald Rumsfeld.

L ies, lies and more lies.


Nina 29.06.2014 01:23

"Iraq post-invasion had become the greatest non-news story of the modern era."
I believe that Serbia is another post-occupation non-news story. During the civil war (instigated by the west) and especially prior to bombing of Serbia, there was no news that didn't talk about Serbia. And what a talk. They were competing who would say the worst thing about the Serbs. In my opinion it was the media genocide of the nation. Everyone become expert about Serbia despite the fact that prior to the war they didn't even know where the country was. And now not a word.


Kaela Creighton 29.06.2014 00:11

I wish they wouldn't drop names so much. People overuse "Nazi" and "Hitler" way too often. Humans always make such illusory correlations.


fox bravo 28.06.2014 18:27

Beyond Nuking Baghdad, kill the savages and know you will be killing them in 25 years time. That would have rendered any bug-warfare agents inert, even anthrax spores cannot stand high-rad levels.

Basically if your too chicken livered to do the job right don't do it at all.

what is there now is a bigger mess a bigger (and this time it is real) threat from these savages than Saddam was.

What is there to keep Iran in check, not Israel., 2003 created a power vacuum now the original knowledge and training by US Green Berets in Yugoslavia of such terrorists has come back to haunt the US. What mess Clinton created!

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