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Why Israel is in love with Kurdistan

01.07.2014 14:04

The “Middle East” invented by British and French colonial powers almost a century ago is fast dissolving as ISIS carves a vast piece of real estate from the suburbs of Aleppo to Tikrit and from Mosul to the Jordanian/Iraqi border.

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Mike Pilgrim 21.07.2014 03:24

Israel's support of Kurds will backfire, dividing Arab states will result in an Islamic superstate. ISIL is evidence of this outcome. Kurds are equally vulnerable to the Islamic superstate as the same secular-islamist forces are at work in Kurd society. Kurd islamist sentiments are being held in check only because they seek western sympathy; that will rapidly evaporate upon gaining legitimacy. The longer Israel's oppression continues, the more violent the anti-Israeli backlash.


Norberto Triemstra 10.07.2014 07:56

USA is interested in having STABILITY in Iraq to peacefully extract the OIL, for this reason they invaded in the very first place... but alas, Israel is interested in balkanizing Iraq and placing a pin on Turkey's chair by encouraging the Kurds....


Norberto Triemstra 10.07.2014 07:55

Indeed Pepe, despite the dissimilarity between the STRATEGIC interests of USA and Israel, Israel ALWAYS get their way at the expense of the US' middle class...


mergon 04.07.2014 14:26

Any one remember the days when these places were holiday destinations !


Luis Rosas Angulo 04.07.2014 06:12

So, Pepe Escobar, don't you know that almost all the aliances in the World are guided by economic reasons? Why Europe stoped being anti arab and became Arab friendly? Because of the oil... then, don't demonize Israel or the USA. Let's look at Russia's allies in the region, for instance..


Coyote Lane 03.07.2014 11:59

Israel is our mirror, all humans. We look at our darkest soul and then we allow that heinousness to prove how truly wicked the human can be. That is SATAN has to always have a GOD, so lots of RELIGIONS to be the DEVIL in the details.


Ron 03.07.2014 06:03

Iraqi Kurds need to ask themselves - Do you want to be part of another LIBYA? Eh??


Ron 03.07.2014 02:25

Good one, Pepe.


DarkEyes 02.07.2014 21:58

H.H.A Peshmerga 02.07.2014 12:51

Just like how Russians oppress the Ukrainians and think that Ukraine is part of Russia. The Persians have been oppressing Kurdish history and trying to incorperate our culture into there own. ...


He re we go again! Ridiculous statement.
Bye bey.


Paykan Aref 02.07.2014 18:24

whatever Israel do it is for its own interests.after that iran shall appreciate kurdish peshmarga because its all borders are been protected from ISIS.


H.H.A Peshmerga 02.07.2014 12:51

Just like how Russians oppress the Ukrainians and think that Ukraine is part of Russia. The Persians have been oppressing Kurdish history and trying to incorperate our culture into there own. The truth is this has been Kurdish lands since the time the bestoon inscription was made by Darius the great. How can Iran be dimocratic when they deny the minority in there so called imperial drawn out borders the right to speak there own language.


DoAskDoTell 02.07.2014 12:23

Israelis don't hate *Russians*, they just don't CARE (dispense) for *competitions, obstacles* to their whimsical Power Game$ aka reckless BORED/jaded Masters of the slave universe.

War-master s use slaves/puppets to fund their FUN & their infantile ideology is simple: GREED IS GOOD

Machia velli's dark play book is expressed best by Kissinger: Control the banks and the food, and you control ALL people and civilizations.

The world is this way because decent people don't have enough time, resources


aryan 02.07.2014 07:02

What a good article. thats the real face of Israealis. But the real play back actor is USA. America destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria. I earnestly pray when America will break into 52 state, the real mischief monger.


LisaAgnes 02.07.2014 04:43

Now they are trying to do a mop-up job. I wonder how Rachel will feel about this. I guess we will see.


LisaAgnes 02.07.2014 04:42

It seems to me though that Israel was all in favor of Shock and Awe, of beating the living sh_t out of Iraq and its people, of Rock Star and his escapades, and all of it. Israel didn't seem to have anything to say about any of that though.


LisaAgnes 02.07.2014 04:40

Uh huh. I'll bet that the new state would probably contain old Haran, where Laban (Jacob's father in law, the father of Rachel and Leah) lived. Leah was buried in Macpelah with Jacob, but Rachel was dumped somewhere in the desert after giving birth to Benjamin. I think Jacob wants to make sure he is friendly with her homeland.

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