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‘Building a BRICS wall’

14.07.2014 11:51

President Putin’s visit to Latin America is of transcendental importance at a time when the BRICS bloc is becoming something far more than a mere trade agreement, and where Russia is playing a key global geopolitical role.

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Kalin 26.08.2014 21:52

I wish more of all nations would join BRICS and leave the Jewish occupied countries out in the cold. After all the evil that the USA, Britain and their god Israel have done - they deserve to be "cast into outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth."
I live in Jewmerica and we deserve the highest degree of punishment for serving the anti-Christ for the last 100 plus years; killing the decent leaders of the world and millions of innocent people. Our phony, Israel worshipping pulpit pimps and their flocks are the worst culprits - a murderous bunch of fraudsters.


Jony 13.08.2014 04:35

same for USA. if usa were non nuclear they be speaking Russian today.


Abdu Sal Yarima 12.08.2014 22:26

People should stop talking about the end of the Dollar like its a good thing...Right now, the CIA is planning some heavy duty killing and destruction that is supposed to end the Brics.....the only reason the CIA cannot do anything is, the members of Brics are nuclear armed and as the Russian General said, Russia remains the only country that can turn the USA into radioactive ash! Russians do not make idle threats I wonder what the CIA will do!


Lemmy 04.08.2014 11:56

I wish more African countries to join BRICKS nations....


mergon 22.07.2014 13:30

All in all its just brick in the wall = the start of the death of the Dollar !


Lee 21.07.2014 14:16

The BRICS represent a growing number of the global population fed up with the current genecidal system. This system has always used economic destruction and war as a wildcard to maintain itself.. At this point thermo nuclear destruction is not an option and in the face of certain death human beings will always follow the path that leads to survival. Fortunately that path is world peace through development of great projects that will create prosperity for all.


Lee 21.07.2014 07:13

I believe a similar synario existed before World War One. A well placed assassination put a end to that. We should expect a similar repeat and very soon I might add.


Abhishek Jain 20.07.2014 08:23

BRICS smacking in the faces of the US & Allies, that's what the world wants. With new Indian PM Narendra Modi pressing for a New "DEVELOPMENT&qu ot; Bank, with the same Development chant all throughout India and now bringing that message abroad, brighter things are expected, with more hopes and better prospects. The Team BRICS is going to break the Wall of the West which will be doomed soon !


Antony Meehan 16.07.2014 11:36

Please... anything to end the madness we all live in. If the BRICS alliance launches a new currency for international trade (including oil and gas) against the US dollar, we could see the end of this horrific system.


Stregs 16.07.2014 08:47

The world will be better for this. Well done BRICS. Its a pity i live in a US minion country. But i applaud all the same. Thank god for Russia and China, for without them there would be no stopping the warmongering US/UK and their minions

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