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I'm confused, can anyone help me? Part 2

15.07.2014 09:53

I'm confused. Jen Psaki, US State Department spokesperson, says that the Ukrainian government has 'every right' to use air strikes against its opponents in Ukraine on the grounds that it 'is defending the country'.

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david 03.08.2014 08:04

OK Russia, can't you just accept that there are double or triple or quadruple standards. US will just simply do what it wants to do and will shamelessly say what ever it wants to justify its actions. So do not be confused. Are you dumb or something? You are dealing with a bunch od murderous and thieving Accept it. The best way to fight them back is with their own medicine. Hit them hard and blatantly lie in the face of international community.


TruthSeeker 25.07.2014 15:56

Thank you for asking the questions which put perspective to the causes of many problems in todays political (and by default, economic and humanitarian) obscenities.
It is unfortunate that the people who can change it and make a difference (the elitist who, in turn, control the governments of the western world and again their information outlets, western media) won't, as it is against their agenda for total econmonic (and other) control of the world.
It is unfortunate that most good people under this western influence are blinded or brainwashed to the truth.


Amvet 24.07.2014 19:04

The beauty of controlling the news media is that the majority of the public are deceived. I first noticed this in 1967 after the Israelis attacked a US Navy ship for over 10 hours with aircraft and ships killing many US sailors. At the official naval inquiry, no American survivor was allowed to testify and the propaganda machine hid this outrage.


Lojza Winner 17.07.2014 08:35

Unfortunatelly the answer is simple: some guys in tailor made suits do not know how to make money easier. The "main values" fairytale worked during cold war where it was easy just to point out at the enemy (unfortunatelly Sting and his song "Russian love their children too" did not explain) and brainwash people that it is necessary to put zilions into projects done by private owned companies. History is written by winners - never by the truth and peope tend to forget the price untill someone from their family is killed :/


Bergenlaufer 17.07.2014 06:25

The situation is confusing because it's supposed to be. The cloaked power elite can and will work through any country to create destabilization and war. They profit from war, and use fear and distrust to engender it. The intensely pro-Russian and very aggressive and judgmental talk that I see in this response column works to the benefit of the elite, just as much as intense pro western polartization does.
Russian used military force to seize Ukraine; this itself fired up the violent seizure of government buildings, and is a major factor in what is happening now in Ukraine. The Russian people must get over WW2.


Lynden Buchanan 17.07.2014 05:41

I suppose it would be unusual not to be confused when the reasoning behind these statements are flawed.I think they all say what they think the rest of the Senators and Government are reasoning so that they can add more sanctions .See confusing


herb 17.07.2014 04:46

Because psychopaths don't do logic. Consistency is a weakness, a flaw that makes the psychopath avoid it.


Snorkle 17.07.2014 00:29

Great articles Mr. Clark. I can help you. The name of this game is hypocrisy and propaganda.

A lot of people say, look, we are against the American government and not its people...

T his is article is just a microcosm of the sheer rampant hypocrisy the citizenry is fed on a daily basis. I don't think that it takes a high level of intelligence for one to really decipher these howling lies.

Therefore, ordinary Americans are just as culpable for their acquiescence to fascist exceptionalism. It's no wonder all their wealth is being confiscated by usury and they blame the downtrodden, as they fight for min. wage.


Kayo 16.07.2014 11:38

Honestly there is no surprise in the confusion or double-standard of Jen Psaki. Just look at her commander-in-chief. And by the way, Jen Psaki, is not well-konown for brilliance. These are people Hillary Clinton put in place before she left to sabotage her boss and lay a ground for her likely-success in the next election. Besides that, neither Hillary, Barack, nor the clueless John kerry really wield any real power. So whatever Jen Psaki says really count for nothing.


Adrian 16.07.2014 10:56

Let me clarify... Ukraine can defend itself from a Russian invasion. Clear?


Baerlas 16.07.2014 09:36

Not confusing at all. The West goes by 'game theory' which sees states as well as individuals sitting round a table playing poker. Everyone cheats everyone, occasionally a gun goes off from under the table and the 'winner' takes all. In this game the rule of law as well as any form of ethics goes out the window. Whatever is being said and reported is pure propaganda created by psychologist policy writers and can point every which way and it's opposites. Lies are truth and will be acted upon as truth. The media are firmly ruled and report accordingly. Confusion rules supremely. It has become the norm.


Stregs 16.07.2014 08:13

What a fantastically constructed article. Well done Neil, no wonder you win awards. One of the few journalists that tell it like it is. Thank you


Lothar Zogg 16.07.2014 07:25

[quote name='james greer' time='16.07.2014 04:39']jin psssaki needs help, "IS there a psychiatrist in the house".???[/quo te]

"J in" that was clever and apt!


chris780 16.07.2014 03:27

Let's take a look at the Russian double standards that you conveniently ignore. In Syria, you support a government that has killed THOUSANDS of its own people and continues to follow a "win at all costs" policy. Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, you oppose the elected government that is fighting to keep the country together and call them "fascists" and "criminals" ; while supporting the rebels. Kiev has killed a few hundred civilians and you sound the alarm; Damascus has killed a few thousand civilians and you look the other way. I'm confused, can anyone help me?


jeff strehlow 15.07.2014 23:59

Uncle Sam 15.07.2014 18:47

I have a feeling it doesn't take much to confuse this guy.


If you were able to read between the lines, as most of us can, you would know that Mr Clarke is not confused. He is pointing out inconsistencies in a cute way.


US'ian 15.07.2014 23:55

Netanyahu"s attack on Hamas is most likely as a result of his instegated false flag operation in the killing of the three teenagers hitchhiking from Hebron. Netanyahu wants to get rid of Hamas so that Israel can unlimited access to the gas off the coast of Gaza. The US regime is in support of it as it could be used to replace Russian gas from Gasprom as another step in the cold war.
Jen Psaki's responses are typically lies and attempts to misslead.


John Thomas 15.07.2014 22:51

' time='15.07.2014 21:03']First: no one cares that you are confused.
Second : aren't you a journalist? You know, a person which does research and report on issues to explain them to your readers - not ask them to explain it to you. [/quote]

[q uote name='Uncle Sam 15.07.2014 18:47

I have a feeling it doesn't take much to confuse this guy.


I understood what Neil Clark was getting at. There was little to be confused about in his general drift.

Uncle Sam seems to know much about confusion so I hope he'll clarify things for us.

Neil's 1st class article is wasted on the unnamed poster.

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