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William Hague’s resignation is ‘just a change of personnel, not UK politics’

16.07.2014 12:31

The only disappointing thing about William Hague’s decision to quit his post is that it's likely the new Foreign Secretary is going to be even more hawkish than he was investigative journalist Neil Clark told RT.

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ifonlyyouknew 03.08.2014 10:06

Hague, Blair, Cameron all our UK & EU Government
work for the US & their interests
No doubt they are well rewarded by their Master's


mergon 22.07.2014 09:59

He is without a doubt the worlds first drone , if he was on the screen i just turned it over that voice dove me nuts !


Serf 18.07.2014 17:18

It could be worse. Britain could have Iain Duncan Smith as Prime Minister.


Snorkle 17.07.2014 05:34

It's sad to read that the same type of cronies running the US are also running the UK - for that matter, probably the whole EU if I was to take a wild guess.


david 17.07.2014 03:54

I cannot abide Tory policies - they are appalling.
But, Mr Hague is a brilliantly funny speaker - if he is back in the house and able to speak more in a political sense than solely as Home Secretary, then expect high comedy at Labour's expense in the run up to next year's General Election. No one in Labour possesses a sense of humour so Mr Hague will make fools of them.


Frank Wolstencroft 17.07.2014 03:31

Was Hague fired by Cameron or did he quit ?

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