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​‘Malaysian airplane tragedy is a wakeup call to the Ukrainian govt to stop what it is doing’

18.07.2014 10:44

What is happening in the east is a humanitarian catastrophe, with cities under siege, civilians killed, bombing of innocent people, and now on the top of that we have this terrible tragedy with 300 losing their lives, journalist Neil Clark told RT.

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Ogden Lafaye 02.08.2014 22:17

Brent Johnson 19.07.2014 03:05

Oh yeah, America totally shot down that 747 over UK airspace, carrying several U.S service members. Why don't you just throw 9/11 on the pile, too? Oh, and "invading nations?" Last time I checked, it was RUSSIA that recently collected up the region of Crimea as its own by using its army forces in unmarked uniforms (a cowardly move) to seize it from a sovereign nation.


Brent, you are terribly misinformed and quite forgetful, (If you ever knew anything)


Ogden Lafaye 02.08.2014 22:10

martin 20.07.2014 13:44

US & EU propaganda has no limits..........coun tries have a strategy for global domination and people don't want Russia to flex her muscles again. As for NATO I am begining to think they are twisted and can't be trusted.


NATO is the US "default army". Not to be trusted at all.


Amvet 24.07.2014 19:08

I think it was a mistake to let the British have the airplane recorders. The US will be pressing them to fake the result and the Britts usually serve the US.


Giovanni 24.07.2014 13:32

Such barbarian as Poroshenko will end his work only when the whole Ucraine will collapse.


Казаков Сергей 23.07.2014 05:50

to: martin
Everythin g is much easier. The U.S. wants a new big war. To do this, they overthrew the constitutional government in Kiev. What would Ukraina was drawn into this war , makes snipers on the Maidan. Then, what would Russia was drawn into a war , makes the Odessa pogrom. Now that would be drawn into a war Europe, makes downed Boeing. The only question is whether there will be enough of mind in Europe, that would not get involved in this war?


Regula 21.07.2014 08:21

Murmet 21.07.2014 05:39

If Russia hadn't tried to bribe UA govt. into not sign that EU treaty, if Russia hadn't send some soldiers to 'help' Crimea 'referendum' take place...
It is not that it is an isolated incident. It is a methode that started with Georgia. UA had just the choise of fighting back or losing even more parts of their land to its Russian brothers.


Wrong logic: had the US not strong-armed Ukraine into EU association with an illegal coup, Crimea would still belong to Ukraine.The war in Georgia was started by Georgia, not Russia.


martin 20.07.2014 13:44

US & EU propaganda has no limits..........coun tries have a strategy for global domination and people don't want Russia to flex her muscles again. As for NATO I am begining to think they are twisted and can't be trusted.


Bokfan Saffer 20.07.2014 10:35

Its fascinating to read the tone of the comments on this site. It reminds me of the way factions attack each other in my home country South Africa. It tends to be a clamouring exercise in irrationality, BS and bad faith. What intrigues me also is that in both places you have players who are well schooled in the Soviet Method of Denialism and Threat. But having said that , it seems clear to me that all those who have reached for a gun to solve disputes are to blame. And those who are heaping fuel on the fire must take responsibilty for all who are burnt. Yes, at this moment, no matter who lit the match.


Roger Broederdorf 19.07.2014 15:04

This whole episode is a result of many little situations. How do you know if any of them are true, half tue, or cover up lie. What one must do is follow what happened and not follow reports from anyone. Now for the ifs... If this plane was off course and if it was told to lose altitude so it ended up in the sky over the Donetsk Republic, then it is very possible the rebels shot it down thinking it is a supply jet... if they do have a BUK missile system and if they know how to use it. No matter what, both sides in this civil war are Ukrainians (small minds call them pro-russians) It is Ukraines fault for this disaster


Ted Sotinsky 19.07.2014 13:45

If the Kiev government did not send its military into eastern Ukraine, there would be no bloodshed. Period. Get it? Nobody can believe the American press or the White House. The White House killed up to a million Iraqi people without so much as an apology or a regret. The White House invaded Libya for "humanitarian reasons" but has endorsed genocide in eastern Ukraine and in Gaza. Period. 800 military bases, exceptionalism, lies, spying, torture, that is the face of America.


MonkTheSpankey 19.07.2014 12:46

Ron 19.07.2014 12:30

No-one knows how to think.....
Slam dunk: the Ukraine Nazis did it. How? Bomb on board, Ukie fighter jet, SAM ground-to-air, (they have 27). Take your pick.


Yo u have obviously thought this through and came up with the definitive list of possibilities all involving Ukrainian authorities. Well done! Now go think again some more.


Ron 19.07.2014 12:30

No-one knows how to think. My own TV is full of half-bright yappers making nonsensical statements, My Prime Minister, who was trained by Jesuits, is saying idiotic things and has been censured by Moscow for his insults, and people here still think the Donetzkers are getting in the way of an investigation when for over 24 hours they've been guarding the site, under fire from Kiev Nazis.
Slam dunk: the Ukraine Nazis did it. How? Bomb on board, Ukie fighter jet, SAM ground-to-air, (they have 27). Take your pick.
Hunter S. Thompson and Tony Cartalucci ask, 'Cui bono?'. Why is this so hard?


MonkTheSpankey 19.07.2014 12:10

Mr. Clark, you have very strong opinions about the potential repercussions "...if the plane was shot down by the Ukrainian authorities..." . Since you concede the possibility that it was not the Ukrainian government by using "if", do you also care to venture any opinion about any alternative party being responsible? Or have you already made up your mind that if it was indeed shot down, then it could only have been by the Ukrainian authorities?
How about any opinion on why the rebel forces are denying the team of international observers access to the site and remains of MH17?


Foreign Agent 19.07.2014 10:35

Russian propaganda has no limits


kanavelov andropv putin 19.07.2014 08:34

why dog Putin I mean if Russia does give aid why is it so bad the USA is giving aid to Ukraine and in a conflict or a way you know what happens Excrement happens. It makes me sick to see John McCain poisoning Putin when his subjects in Arizona make about 7.00 and hour and Vetrans are begging in the streets - No I am not Russian so don't say I am bias I am American...


John Pombrio 19.07.2014 07:46

The wake up call is for President Putin to stop his tacit approval of sending adavanced weapons and troops to a undisciplined and ignorant group of barely trained soldiers who do not know what to do with them.


Dalton Robinson 19.07.2014 04:53

Seriously? For Ukraine to stop what ITS doing???? Perhaps its RUSSIA that should stop what IT'S doing... that is.. sending arms and fighters to kill its neighbors in an attempt to steal their land?? Perhaps it's the terrorists from Russia who are killing Ukrainians and trying to steal its land while terrorizing its people. Perhaps its the Russian prograndists in the media that should stop what they are doing so the Russian people can see what the truth is in Ukraine and call for it to end.. not by the Ukrainians, but by the Russians leading the killers in East Ukraine.


Roger Broederdorf 19.07.2014 04:42

Facts are easy to manipulate and twist and actually in contradictory statements, both can hold some truth. Russia did take back Crimea, but not from a sovereign State... there was a coup in Kiev and no elected government. The troops were already in Sevestopol by means of treaty between Ukraine and Russia and as many as 25000 troops were to be kept in Crimea. Some of those unmarked soldiers were Ukrainian. Some 8000 Ukrainian soldiers applied for Russian citizenship after Crimea voted separation and then asked to become part of Russia all part of an interpretation of international law.

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