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​Palestinian Artist: ‘My pen is my weapon’

21.07.2014 10:06

Dr Alaa Allagta, a well-known Palestinian artist and author of political cartoons talks to RT about why all aspects of Palestinian life are politicized including the arts.

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Red_Shiraz 21.07.2014 22:44

Dr Alaa Allagta your pen is your weapon and keyboard is mine.I look forward to the day that me and my brother meet up somewhere in Gaza and have good talk about struggle in Palestine.Enshallah.

Long live Palestine.



Red_Shiraz 21.07.2014 22:40

Military regime's genocidal act on civilians is an act of revenge for her failure in ground attack against Hamas&refueling worldwide anti Zionism protest"blow back".Bombing hospitals&school s,all meant to destroy the will for the liberation of Palestine & force Arabs to leave Gaza,living as refugees,far from home,on some one else's land.Precious to them,Palestine must be,how else could one live under constant attack by a violent regime for 68 years and one still finds her worst liberating & dying for.Palestinians must be very steadfast or very brave or both,decades of martyrdom yet the will still there.Awesome


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