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Afghanistan: The USSR left, the US wants to stay

15.02.2014 14:22

Just before noon on Feb. 16, 25 years ago, Lieut. Gen. Boris Gromov, top Soviet commander in Afghanistan, solemnly walked across the Friendship Bridge over the Amu Darya River into Uzbekistan. He uttered the words: “Our 9-year stay ends with this.”

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Andrew Jennings 29.03.2014 06:32

"the CCCP left"


You didn't leave.

You were convincingly beaten by Afghanistan.


Blazkowicz Inc. 11.03.2014 19:04

Did you mention the interest of Saudi Arabia in the American presence in the Middle East and the fact that the Afghan president is more relaxed with their presence as well? According to unverified sources despite the defense cuts the US Army has access to unaffected funds for war, but they have to wage one in order to access these funds. You bet the US high ranked Army strategists talk to the US politicians about the importance of their presence in that part of the world. Big sums of money are being taken out of the pocket of the US citizen and Karzai might have a hand on the cake as well as part of a secret deal.


Paul Vonharnish 25.02.2014 14:41

Hey Pepe: The US needs to protect those poppy fields from foreign intervention. Great returns on the investment! A bit of collateral damage, but better return on investments than liberating Iraqi. Read the original article in the New York Times regarding how Russia was onto the TRILLION dollars worth of minerals surveyed in Afghanistan by the British. Look at the dates of discovery by various surveys. China wants access to the big game too. After all: The Chinese need all that lithium for our cell-phones, BlackBerries, and iPods, so our children can get brain cancer and behavioral disorders Just like their folks have.


Bony 18.02.2014 22:53

"White mans war", racist or rhetoric??

"Rich mans war" sounds better though.


Bony 18.02.2014 22:43

mergon 18.02.2014 15:48

If there was no oil left in that neck of the woods the yanks would not be there !


S till plenty opium, tax free to buy guns and bandits for proxy wars. Oversight free too.


mergon 18.02.2014 15:50

Good job the UK sold off all of their oil years ago other wise the yanks would have invaded us !


mergon 18.02.2014 15:48

If there was no oil left in that neck of the woods the yanks would not be there !


Veritas 18.02.2014 09:01

Not very original material. Pepe just regurgitates articles from various news sources. To the Americans it does not really matter what sort of a mess a country that they had invaded is. All that matters is the control of its natural and human resources and they have achieved that long time ago. The remaining troops will stay to preserve the status quo. Never mind the occassional car bomb.


jerry tarnacia 17.02.2014 22:10

Here we go AGAIN w/PEPE's RACIST RANTS against the "white man", SO tell us all PEPE: IF the USA's war in Afghanistan was the "White man's" war, what was THE USSR's war in Afghanistan? Russians ARE Caucasians too, Ya know? As in Russians are 'WHITE" guys too.DUH!!!
IDK about other "WHITE-GUYS&quo t; but this 'White Man" is tiring of RT letting you, Mr.Escobar, continually confuse the issues using the RACE CARD. It proves your general lack of understanding of the issues and makes you appear RACIST and hostile towrds 'White" people in general and Americans in particular.
Why not just bounce Bozo.


Andrew 17.02.2014 12:55

TheUnder Dogue 17.02.2014 12:20

the politicians have to listen to the people.


They always listen but they rarely hear.


TheUnder Dogue 17.02.2014 12:20

Interesting article written from the Russian perspective.
I like seeing a different viewpoint.
There may be some in the US military that argue for a continuing presence in Afghanistan, but the people are nearly 100% against it, and eventually, the politicians have to listen to the people.


Joel Urbina 17.02.2014 11:47

Wow, great article!
Very well researched with more real history of the last 100 years of Afghanistan in 1000 words than most media outlets with all their speculation, stirring and babbling would print in a year of 'news'.

Lov e > 'It’s impossible to impose a progressive form of government onto peasants and warriors without changing a feudal structure perpetuated through millennia.'


snowonweb 17.02.2014 07:37

Great Article, good job RT.


Gasur ArdRi 16.02.2014 19:30

Elmo35 16.02.2014 15:39

Doesn't mention in the article article about how the Soviet Union funded Osama Bin Laden when he was against the West etc... All very biased and political propaganda from a pro Russian viewpoint.


Wow. I finally found 1 of the 26% of Americans, cited in another RT article, who doesn't know the Earth orbits the Sun!
Time for a refresher course in history. Bin Laden was trained and supported by the CIA during the Reagan administration. Simply because he was fighting against Soviets in Afghanistan. We (US) gave him training, Stinger missiles, weapons. Thank Ronny.

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