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​2013/2014: A tipping point?

23.12.2013 14:13

Come December time, many journalists go into “Top-Ten-Events-of-the-Year” mode, or “What-a-year-it’s-been!” analyses, or some such annual recap or wrap-up.

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mergon 08.01.2014 10:46

2015 is the starting point 2020 is the target for the police states to be locked in place ,MAD MAX is nearly here !


Gerald Doughty 03.01.2014 17:29

free humanity
outlaw compound interest worldwide


Patrick E. Carrasco 03.01.2014 01:51

Awesome article Mr. Salduchi! We need to awaken those around us and never give up the fight against the oppressors; that will bring about the critical mass.


R 02.01.2014 17:47

One first start is to get the people off the couch, and get them awakened, we have the internet, which is a great tool for us to use to teach the masses, but we are just starting to use it, the NSA has already mastered this tool, we are behind. we need to start new political parties of very intelligent people from our communities not from the major corporations, people with no ties to the elite, and completely change the men who run the countries, then replace all the security leaders of the cia, nsa, mi6, etc.
truly take these countries back from the corrupt!


Fritz Meowmix 02.01.2014 17:22

Ill be ready and waiting with my pitchfork when it happens. As above, most people think "Please, at least leave us alone. I won't say anything. Just leave us alone!" The sad truth is if you stand up and say something, if you refuse to play their game any longer you are a target to ‘them’ and in today’s judgmental obsessed world it is exceptionally easy to destroy a persons life, literally or otherwise. Like the majority of the flock I shall hide in my hole until tipping point is reached. Until then I, like most others, place my own immediate safety and that of my family above the plight of others and the world.


Erik Adrian 01.01.2014 22:41

Mr Salbuchi, you failed to mention the most important news event of the year, the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay (and 2 US states) something achieved against the establisment (US, UN) by an insignificant nation, that's the tipping point that will bring prosperity (new jobs, taxes, fun and medicine) and most importantly peace, to many parts of the world.


mergon 01.01.2014 12:57

In the coming times you will need to get your life skills up
the days of buying something and when it goes wrong throwing it away or paying for an expensive repair are rapidly going or gone ,you will need to know how to repair sealed for life systems ,and extend the life of sealed for life parts and or systems .

Dorset UK there has been a massive increase in road cameras the police/state is expanding surveillance ,this will only bring on the camera wars .
J15 on the M1 has lost more cameras than the police care to mention !


mergon 01.01.2014 12:36

Is were the material cant give any more and snaps !
world resources are running out and there are two many people in the world ,governments are running trillions of £/$ of debt that cant be ever paid off .

2015 is seen as the year of the first big change 2020 will be the year completion .
look around you at the state of the banks and the finance systems look around at the surveillance they have ,its about control and more control ,then we have the domestic drones destined to put even more people out of work .
Look around you !


EndTimes&War 01.01.2014 11:32



Mike Littlefield 01.01.2014 07:34

I would nominate President Putin to run the us, but he's busy with other things. Sergey Lavrov would be good because Russia seems to have a handle on aiding world peace (nota bene Syria) and he could help our world image. When we're not so busy trying to build an empire overseas, we might have time to fix the dung-pit we call the usa.

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