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Who’s the bully? American anti-missile system more about attack than defense

19.12.2013 11:58

​The decision by the US to carry on with its missile defense system in Eastern Europe despite last month’s historic nuclear deal with Tehran reveals to us the true anti-Russian agenda behind the plan.

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Barack Obama 04.03.2014 04:42

Of course, why wouldn't you defend yourself against Russia ? Russia is the most evil country ont he face of the earth. The biggest mistake in the history of mankind was for the allied forces not to keep marching toward Moscow after the fall of berlin.


Robert Anderson 18.02.2014 13:07

Anti- weapons have been being developed since guns were first used as anti-armor weapons. So countries like Russia need to stop crying about them. I'm sure they have their own program; if not shame on them. Here is the US we try to protect our people as effectively as possible. Here the US we don't feel the leaders in Moscow are mad; and would not be likely to initiate a first strike. But countries like Poland that have been savagely attacked and occupied between 1938 and 1991, don't want to have to worry about being forced into anyones sphere of influence again. They only want security. ABM's are not first strike.


Ward Damon Hubbard 25.12.2013 19:38

There are some Americans like myself that understand why other nation perhaps feel as they do, and agree in part the there is a structural failure within then leadership as well as, the rank in file of this nations military, as to what seems to be what is best for the transnational corporations interest rather than what's best for the US and our allies, as the present administration has proven over and over again that say one thing and does another, therefore can not be trusted, and our presidents' view of a global community, and agenda 21


fredka 25.12.2013 04:46

Let the Americans print more money to pay for their different sophisticated weapons that they don't even have enough educated personnel to run. The Americans don't even have the guts to attack North Korea, what did they do with regard to Iran, but float their out dated slow moving air--fields on water in the Persian waters for years-what a waste of tax payer's money to please Israel. The US is all talk and half action with very weak countries.


Brian Ntshangase 22.12.2013 06:42

The issue was never about Iran being a threat, the issue was always on global control hence America is frustrated that Africa is not too appreciative of AFRICOM. Now having pissed-off Germany, it might be possible that AFRICOM headquarters might be moved from Germany and hosted in a dictatorship like Swaziland, considering that Mswati III is a sucker for more and more AID. The goal is that America should have military presence in every nuke and cranny of the world, an of cause that Russia must finally appreciate who is Master of the Universe.


Mel Copeland 22.12.2013 03:15

My hope is we get rid of the Russian bullshit and put them in their place. Nuke them and put their people out of Putin's misery. Biggest blowhards ever.


Mel Copeland 22.12.2013 03:10

Teo Nesterov 21.12.2013 14:46

Dear Santa, please make America disappear from the World.
We promise we will deal with smaller terrorist groups by ourselves.


You will disappear first. You have already become semi-invisible


Mel Copeland 22.12.2013 03:03

So the writer is a liberal propagandist. What is the problem?


Anikin Neboshetac 21.12.2013 19:39

The USA and EU dominance is ending soon.
Besides Russia & China, Pakistan & India are starting to see the full picture, S. America is gone too, Central and South Africa is still undecided (Only Egypt still has to push harder to break the USA-Zionist chains).....To confirm the demise is the USA move to arm Japan (and the fools are taking the bait), an imperialistic country that has been humiliated in WW2, and now only relies on their tongues to lick USA backside, same like Taiwan and S.Korea. There is one Key player in the region Indonesia, and that should be the last rebel before the Zionist-USA throne falls


Gary Amstutz 21.12.2013 15:38

" The missle defense system which is suppose to defer an attack will ultimately make one more likely".....Yes , violence begats violence. How true! Hubris could be the downfall of us all.

The good news is that there is a movement for peacebuilding in the United States that has much support and is growing. Most people realize you can not solve all of the world's problems with weapons. Real solutions require colaboration and science which is now being taught in the schools at all levels.

The next generation may have less need to fear the world we all live in.


Gary Amstutz 21.12.2013 15:20

"More about attack than defense"....It' s interesting to hear and see reactions from the Russian perspective. I don't think Americans are picking on Russians specifically nor do I think that is the grand scheme. Rather I see there is fear of everything that is not American and that might be a possible threat. And so many decisions are just based on fear of the unknown threats from everywhere.

Second, I would strongly suspect that sales and marketing people for missle defense systems would be happy to suggest any country as a threat if it helps to sell missle defense systems. Capitalism!


Teo Nesterov 21.12.2013 14:46

Dear Santa, please make America disappear from the World.
We promise we will deal with smaller terrorist groups by ourselves.


jose 21.12.2013 13:47

the cowboy americans and their puppy dog pack, most notably uk, france & germany are dangerously delusional about what matters most, that is, 'whats best for the majority of earths people the majority of the time'. i believe mr putin addressed their latest attempt to surround russia with a 'defense missile shield'....basically stating "cowboys proceed at your own peril". as someone earlier correctly stated, 'the americans need to be put in their place'...define irony, the americans have become the evil empire.


fran7 21.12.2013 08:42

USA is manoeuvring deadly missiles all over the World in the name of defence which is quite ridiculous and it is obviously another warmongering tactic which will only help the USA arms manufacturers who propagate war around the globe in the ridiculous claim that its for security whilst enriching themselves with scant regard to the innocent civilians' who suffer the consequences of these hostile actions.
Snowden is a hero for showing USA government hypocrisy.


Edrick Patward 21.12.2013 00:22

Clark you are an absolute nut job. Who was it that was willing to start a nuclear war and was actually a foiled plot away from letting loose Armageddon? Russia that's who. Why don't you go get a real job because you suck at this one.


Jimmy Crackcorn 19.12.2013 19:02

My hope is that Russia and China have the US surrounded by nuclear armed submarines. Should the yanks try a first strike on Russia, the nukes can rain down on the US. I think we're getting to a tipping point where something big is going to happen and while it may be terribly destructive, I believe the US is finally going to be put in their place, which can only be a good thing.


KK Singh 19.12.2013 14:41

US is the biggest monster which is ever ready to engulf humanity for profit!

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