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Why I cried during Sochi Olympics opening ceremony

08.02.2014 14:34

There is an iconic image from the 1980 Olympic Games, hosted by Moscow. It will be captured during the closing ceremony.

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equinoxranch 25.02.2014 00:25

2014 Sochi............... . Hands down, not even a contest, THE most Nonpareil ceremony ever, period. PERIOD!

Off the charts, off the reservation, off the Richter Scale. One for the ages. My jaw is still dropping. A grand slam forever going. The closing ceremony, too.


Mark & Anna 21.02.2014 11:35

It is the time for everyone in the world to open up their minds and hearts. Stop listening to propaganda, make informed decisions, based on careful research from various independent sources, not the mainstream western media, who always had and always will have an agenda. Most importantly, listen to your heart, which never lies.


Mark & Anna 21.02.2014 11:35

The opening ceremony was moving and rich - absolutely sublime. Yet, despite its grandeur, it was also very humane. This is a very difficult balance to achieve, yet that is what the Russians are so good at, as evidenced in their rich cultural heritage, their literature and art. This is also why the opening ceremony pulled at heartstrings of people, at least those people who still have some goodness left in their hearts.
Avatars, such as "Gerry", "R" and the like, who left comments full of bile and venom - who ARE you? Why are you so full of hatred? Why are you on this site, even?


WorkTogether 12.02.2014 21:00

142 comments here and counting! Kirill, you sure touched a sensitive nerve here ... But love forever triumphs over hate and out there in the real world, the ordinary souls, still able to appreciate the beauty of nature and the glory of the night sky and feel our oneness with each other, are celebrating Russia's return as a main player, in a world desperate to return to what is pure and honest.


WorkTogether 12.02.2014 20:50

Alex 10.02.2014 10:53

Lil ly, .... all RT reports true, if you do not like true then of course you won't like RT as well. You better watch NBC showing Sochi opening ceremony. It started with 3 crows talking about gay right in Russia and then Obama starts his childish talking about how Putin positions himself on armchairs to look tough. Complete multi layer idiotism.


Shotto Alex! The whole world knows and laughs its head off at Obama's undisguised jealousy of Putin! Putin is the only leader in the world who does not stand on ceremony, he is actually shy, but he has the heart of a lion!


WorkTogether 12.02.2014 20:39

Neter 10.02.2014 11:50

[quote name='jeff strehlow' time='10.02.2014 02:06']
...many Americans still hate them. I suspect the reasons are a combination of racism ... [/q uote]I don't know if common American people hate Russians.
It's more the media, US and Western... full of hate, which reached an unsupportable peak these days.


The Zionist real rulers of the US own & control the MSM to be exact! They spew out what they're told by their evil NWO bosses! But what many choose to forget are the atrocities the US committed & continues to commit with its plundering wars all over the planet.


WorkTogether 12.02.2014 20:23

So beautifully written and with such simple sincerity. Understand how you felt... what you experienced Kirill. Although I am not Russian, I too, was fending off the hate speech thrown at Sochi and that is how I came to realize that with God's grace, Sochi would be blessed. The Positive will triumph over all the jaded, blase Negative so pervasive in our world today, because there are more people today that again want peace and the joy it brings to drench our spirits with love and kindness. Yes, your little child and all the children on the planet will again know joy in its purest form... we're winning!


Neter 11.02.2014 12:47

The American policy towards Russia is all about regime change.
They try to strangulate Russia by cutting its economic ties with neighbouring countries, hoping to make the Russian standard of living drop and creating a disatisfaction in Russia that would lead to regime change.
The US official military docrine is a world where no country can challenge the US.
Russia is the only country that can destroy the US, AND is not a vassal, therefore it becomes an enemy under the US doctrine.
They hope to install puppets subordinated to the US.

If they cooperated with Russia, it could be an ally.
They push it to China instead.


Clara Luna 11.02.2014 06:41

What needs to be done is that we should ignore their games , ...If you really want a new world then boycot this nonsence and try to get smart.
--------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --

There is no point getting all wound up because of 'them', whoever you are aiming at. You can decide to live behind four walls with fear and resentment, or you can just accept the reality that is presented to you. Seems like the giant squid in the London Olympics cloture is upsetting you.


Clara Luna 11.02.2014 05:59

The ballets were astounding, I won't say I was shocked by the beauty of it all but the whole show was literally a revelation, me thinks even the Great Isadora Duncan would have been envious of so much magnificence and richness.


Thulsa Doom 11.02.2014 00:17

Actually the whole world is controlled by Americans including Russia. Dont let our deceptive strategies work on your bestupored brain. There is only one nation in this world, The United States, and guess what you are part of it. We create middle classes, we dont rape. Look at how well the Olympics turned out the only ones who are upset are the jews. They are upset well because they are jews, have you ever met a jew that doesn't complain bitterly about life?


Blackberry 10.02.2014 23:55

R 10.02.2014 14:57

Soviet Russia imposed its way of life on Eastern Europe


And now the Eastern Europe is controlled by Americans who will rape anything that moves.


Santiago Ramírez 10.02.2014 15:58

It is the Russia's revival what causes souls to breakdown into tears of joy. World is witnessing amazed how faith and hard work can turn evil into good.
But wait, It will happen again and again, occupation after occupation. We will all see Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Irak, Afghanistan, Sirya, Ukraine, every disturbed nation will have its awakening someday, like it is happening with Russia Today. Thanks God we are watching Russia revival. All the rest is envy and arrogance in the west. God Bless Russia.


John Mc Evoy 10.02.2014 15:34

R 10.02.2014 14:57

Yo u know how some people get together to dress up in leather and whip eachother?


So unds more like a Hollywood awards show than Sochi.


John Mc Evoy 10.02.2014 15:30

America HATES Russia with such an intense passion that it could only be but one thing.... Love.

Great show, Vlad. <br> Spassibo!

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