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B-52s sing ‘pivot to Asia’ song

28.11.2013 10:58

So a pair of American B-52 bombers has made an excursion into the East China Sea, flying over those rocky islands that China calls the Diaoyu and Japan calls the Senkakus – all surrounded by a fabulous wealth of unexplored oil and gas.

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T. Lo B 30.11.2013 18:16

I remember back when the Soviets would test the Alaskan ADIZ, we'd scramble jets and all take pictures of each other, wave and be on our way. I don't think the Chinese are mature enough to be a superpower, the tearful tantrums and threats are rather unbecoming. Anyone who sees two lonely, aging, 1950's vintage jets as a credible provocation are quite insecure with themselves, and possibly looking to pick a fight. Testing boundaries are a long standing tradition between military powers, so stop crying.


Bernie 30.11.2013 09:47

Dear Pepe, Please keep up the good work! My only request, is that in future articles, you please include supporting evidence such as official maps (japanese adiz vs Chinese, this eg), documents, links, and sources. It would really help cut out the uneducated extremist and Troll voices in the comment sections. Some are obviously to ignorant or hardlined to ever try to rationalize. But for the rest out there, it may just be that extra spark needed to kick start the questioning, and start educating the masses. Thank you for your great service to the world Pepe. Keep up the truth.


Ryan Flannery 30.11.2013 03:53

Chi na has murrica by our balls....
The second they stop buying our debt our economy will collapse...
@ John Geoghegan why don't you look up what America is number one in.... Its only military... We suck at everything else.. And it's only because we shut down schools and other helpful programs to pay for it...
Pretty stupid actually;()


Johnny 30.11.2013 00:12

...just saying...wait'll US Air Force gets the newest batch of transistors from their Chinese suppliers...this is hilarious...

"that's all folks."


John Geoghegan 30.11.2013 00:05

What a bunch of pathetic losers you are! This blog is hilarious for it's assumptions of grandeur from second rate countries! The USA is the greatest country in the world in many aspects, most certainly militarily, and will continue to maintain a leadership role in this world thoughout this century. Any other country doesn't stand a chance against Freedom, Freedom will win in the end!


MrStoneClark 29.11.2013 17:35

China will probably fire another ICBM off the coast of Califorina via stealth submarine- like they did in 2010 - just to show the US they have first strike capibility that cannot be stopped.


Zane Slocombe 29.11.2013 15:30

Nuclear war is the only way out for the USA. Not even during the Cold War and the Bay of Pigs fiasco (where nuclear annihilation was averted by a Russian hero who saved the World), has the threat of MAD been so high. That Japan can take part in this given the crimes of Nagasaki and Hiroshima wrought upon them by the US, but then I suppose they have absolutely nothing to lose given what they have done to themselves with Fukushima.


Raul GC 29.11.2013 14:33

As usual Mr Escobar's eyes can only see the one side of this issue and his opinions are based on anything but fact or reality. China's ADIZ, unlike Japan's, is now set upon territory it claims but that de facto and de jure are not its. Hence, China, not the USA or, as he so idiotically put it, 'deranged Japanese nationalists', is the one violating international laws and norms.


Brian 29.11.2013 12:58

Nobody can OWN the earth. We have a lady who know's and has bought the stairway to heaven. She has her name plastered in every document and book to make sure none of you miscreant's misunderstood who owns this world. These are the cause of war.. ownership.. just share and shut any up who think they own!


Proquci Prodesse 29.11.2013 10:37

Stanley Laham 29.11.2013 00:57

It was Napoleon Bonaparte who 2 centuries ago said: "China is a sleeping giant. Do not awaken it!"
Let me remind all the American jingoists among us that all empires believed they were EXCEPTIONAL. From the Babylonian, Greek, Roman, British and French (colonial) empires, they all thought they were exceptional and had an exceptional role or mission to fulfill in history until they all fell flat on their asses.


Th e last British Empire was purely a scouting expedition, just sit tight, the real one is on its way.


Babeouf 29.11.2013 10:24

If the US government starts a war with China all those US bases in Europe will be targets. That of course is something the European politicians don't mention. The US pivot to confront China makes Europe a target if a war starts. The fate of Europe's population is disregarded not only by the US government but also by the European governors(Merkel etc) of their colonies.


lordlebu 29.11.2013 09:42

Red_Shiraz 28.11.2013 21:33

Another attempt to sabotage, president Putin's plan for the reunification of Korea.


Under whom? The mad king of the north ?


David Blomstrom 29.11.2013 07:57

Bring it on! I'm not a big fan of the Chinese government, but if they shoot down a U.S. bomber(s), I'll give'em a bear hug!

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