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EU immigration: Don’t target the immigrants, blame turbo-capitalism

12.02.2014 14:32

What’s going on – why has EU immigration become such a big issue? To answer the question, we need to look back at the political and economic changes that have occurred over the past 30 years.

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Derek Maher 03.03.2014 19:32

Well Neil, I don,t see many European people in your photo,s.
Lets face it masses of immigrants from Turkey and North Africa were allowed in during the 90,s and early 00,s Germany took the Turks, France and Britain seemed to have got the bulk of the rest.
Regarding European immigrants, I have worked with Polish, Latvian, and others from different parts of Europe and been impressed by their skills and energy.
Plus they mix much more readily with the local communitys than immigrants from other locations.
Of course business wanted cheaper labour and even better non union so they did their best to pit one against one.


Peter Anderson 17.02.2014 11:40

I don't blame the immigrants. I Blame the E.U and pro E.U politicians who have betrayed their Nations.


Dirk 15.02.2014 19:33

Indeed: Jobs are moved by corporations to places where they cost less. People have to follow or start living on government subsidies. Other countries stop having babies and have poorer nations produce, educate, train and export quailified people for them for free. A new kind of imperialism.


mergon 15.02.2014 14:38

The French have always it easier for immigrants to get to England , because they dont them in their own country other wise they would end up with a crime wave like we have and councils with 100% immigrants running local government and then moving into the government its self on mass !


Peter Anderson 13.02.2014 11:27

The central banking system based on debt does not work ! We will forever be slaves to debt while this system based on usary is in place.
Every Country should be free to issue its own currency without having to pay interest to a private ciorpertaion for the privillage.
Ther e will be no freedom for the people while we are enslaved to a system based on usary.
The Bolshevik revelotion was funded by bankers, Karl Marx never attacks the central banking system that truely enslaves the people and the masses.


Snorkle 13.02.2014 11:18

This is a high quality article; it's lucid and cohesive. A few highlights that stood out as I was reading:

"This mass exodus from the east – brought about by lack of employment opportunities at home – is one of the great non-stories of modern times."

"Mill ions of people in eastern Europe who would have been employed in state-owned companies were laid off as private companies – often from the west – took over and slashed the workforce as a way to maximize profits."

"The same elites... benefit from the immigration for the reasons Goldstein outlines."

Refreshing insights about the non-US world.


Peter Anderson 13.02.2014 11:18

Blame international finance and international socialists. Look at the London School of Ecomonics set up by fabian socialists, many of their illumi are CEOs of the fortune 500 countries. Evelyn de Rothcshild was the governner of LSE. They have amassed huge wealth through their central banking scams. They have set up the European Central Bank and are working hand in hand setting up the socialist E.U and are responisble for their policies. This socialist agenda is being carried out through the forutne 500 contries. The Rockfellas are the main players behind Agenda21 desined to bring in a one world goernment system.


Rick White 13.02.2014 07:34

Also there is Africa and 'transcontinental migration'-along with what triggers it.


NIUBI 13.02.2014 02:03

capitalism sucks, but the immigrants do too. alot of these immigrants are the worst, most greedy, and selfish people. the same can be said for white guys living in japan, south korea, china, thailand, or any third world country.


Billy 13.02.2014 00:42

Most people know the globalists are behind this flood of immigration but how to stop it when your own govt has sold you out? But I agree, you have to stop it at the source. As far as the immigrants go...they bring on much of the resentment themselves by the way they behave once they come to the West by trying to force their religious and cultural beliefs onto their hosts.


achingforchange 12.02.2014 23:39

A good article. Another insidious reason why the 1% favour immigration. Upon leaving your home country for another, you become less unruly by default. Less likely to rebel against the adopted nation if they engage in wrongdoing, as no support network, no cultural ties, no family etc. Remaining in your own country makes you a problem for the political establishment. In essence exporting the unemployed youth to prevent revolution.


amere-brush-hand 12.02.2014 23:29

Great article by Neil Clark. Corporate predators want an army of serfs crossing borders searching for work. A race to the bottom. Neo liberals want to loot everything, privatize anything that moves.

Socialism for the rich through Government handouts and bailouts. Austerity, social welfare cuts for the poor. Criminal banks which went bankrupt should not have been bailed out by ordinary citizens. EU union is a disaster for workers.


TheWhole0fTheMoon 12.02.2014 22:16

Dear Neil Clark,

Givi ng workers benefits with borrowed money is incredibly stupid. State owned companies are inefficient because they usually end up being used for political purposes and many people slack off and do not produce. Debt + heavy government intervention in the economy has ruined the european economies.... RT, its reports like these that make people not take your News Channel seriously...

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