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Worse than Chernobyl: The inner threat of Fukushima crisis

20.08.2013 07:30

I recently pointed out, this operation has to go on forever - a long sickness, but at least not a sudden death. However, this week begins a new development in the potential sudden death department.

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じゅん 12.11.2013 03:17

It is not reported in Japan
Please take the pressure on media organizations and government


Truth 29.10.2013 03:06

Look at these nuclear's mercenaries arriving like vultures to spread up their lies. You are pitiful outdated and malevolent, such as the industry that pays you. You will end up paying much for all your crimes.


Eamon Watters 29.08.2013 01:38

Dr Busby says: "The 2005 Japanese national incidence rate for thyroid cancer aged 0-18 is given in a recent peer reviewed report as 0.0 per 100,000. "

The only report he can be talking about is the recently released "Cancer Incidence and Incidence Rates in Japan in 2005: Based on Data from 12 Population-based Cancer Registries in the Monitoring of Cancer Incidence in Japan (MCIJ) Project"

And what does it say? For 15-19: 0.5 per 100,000 (male) 0.7 per 100,000 (female)

I think this shows how reliable Busby's work is.

(The report is available online, for those who wish to look)


The World Complex 26.08.2013 15:50

Your tale of lack of funding for an epidemiological study on radiation in the Baltic has its precedents in Canada when one of our neighbouring labs was threatened with having all of its funding cut if they continued their epidemiological studies of aspartame.


Toto 26.08.2013 14:06

Fukushima is far to be worst than Chernobyl unless you know nothing about Chernobyl or Fukushima or both.

For the author, any radiation is bad. So, stop medical X-rays, CT scans, PET scans and radiotherapy in oncology. Stop travelling in airplanes which expose you to cosmic rays. There is no place to hide on Earth in fact where radiation is zero.

The reactor core in the Chernobyl accident was exposed because no containement vessel was build around it at all. In Fukushima accident, the core was never exposed and is still contained. This is a huge difference.


Toto 26.08.2013 14:02

The first line about the author reads as follow: "Professor Christopher Busby is a British nuclear scientist known for his theories about the negative health effects of very low-dose ionising radiation."

The author is claiming very low-dose radiation is negative for health while it isn't the consensus in the scientific community and proven wrong by radiation background.

Second, he is naming himself as: "Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks for RT", while the European Committee on Radiation Risks no longer operate since 2004.


Adam Glass 25.08.2013 16:06

can we not just toss into a volcano and it will just pop a little that is where our chemical waste should go in the magma lava bye bye right ??? have we tried this yet ??


Richard Perron 21.08.2013 13:51

Brilliant analysis I must concur but 1 point to add to it if I may, dont forger the billions the pharmaceutical cie will make in selling their drugs to all those new patients is also part of the tragic story. GE is directly responsible as well as Japanese govt. to have allowed to build those plants near the sea and this applies to all nuke plants world wide.


Unji Roh 21.08.2013 10:44

Jesus! They have no sense of shame!


Albert Doh 21.08.2013 09:33

Just read the truth about Fukushima that Japanese never would tell.


Rabidsmurf01 21.08.2013 09:06

I guess this is why Kennedy's granddaughter was sent to Japan?


Mark Flowers 21.08.2013 06:38



Maxim Androsov 21.08.2013 06:01

Situation at Fukusima has to be urgently dealt with on the international level. TEPCO and Japan will not manage on their own. For the countries in the region all their other problems have to be put aside and all financial and human resorces have to be mobilised for tackling this problem. Before it is too late. If not too late already...


Patrick Flanagan 21.08.2013 02:51

This is nuts...


G Mail 20.08.2013 15:34

Great Information: But one thing the radionuclides that enter the environment. Many of them lasts hundreds of years. It only takes one to be deadly and yes you can be on the other side of the world and be the one to have it enter your body....It will circle the globe.
Great to see information getting out there!


Marc Letourneau 20.08.2013 15:04

Scientists of goodwill of this planet: if you do not rise together against the stupidity and corruption of those who are at the controls, we are all doomed. But if you do, all the rest of us will support you.


Wayne Anderson 20.08.2013 14:57

I think Roger WIlco has exactly what the MINIMUM next step should be. International auditors. Why does the IAEA, NRC, and others *not* have independent assessment on-site? In this most recent nuclear release, 21 tera-Bq of irradiated material, and Japan only declares it an INES-1? By definition anything over 50Bq/Hr is a INES-2, at least! Another example of TEPCO- with the explicit participation of the government of Japan flagrantly down-playing the impact of the Fukushima cleanup "progress" .


Oliver Tickell 20.08.2013 14:03

Excellent work Chris!


Roger Wilco 20.08.2013 11:48

They're not doing anything because they don't know what to do... or perhaps more accurately, they know what needs to be done but know their chances of success are very slim and will almost certainly result in calamity... Somebody in the government better put aside self interest and pride and and ask for international help to deal with this thing....

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