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​China, Crimea and Pashtunistan

21.03.2014 07:31

At the center of the simultaneous tumult faced by both Afghanistan and Pakistan stands the ultimate taboo: Pashtunistan. How does the dream of a common Pashtun land connect to the secession of Crimea from Ukraine? And what does China think about all this?

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aimal khan 12.06.2014 20:17

Hallo Mr Pepe Escobar.Think you very much for your artical about Free pashtunistan.The world must help the pashtun people for there dream about freedom .the democratic pashtunistan is the intrest fo all the european,russian,ara bs,american.All of the world.long live free pashtunistan.


Hector 01.05.2014 00:40

Hah! Great point connecting events in Ukraine to the role nationalism plays, is playing, in world events - the dynamics of current social-political forces and foreign policies of the great powers, most notably USA's interventionist imperialist attitude changes the everything.


Think Peace 28.04.2014 06:21

Pepe, I generally found your opinion reasonable but this article really sucks! Lots of talks and conspiracies theories but very little make much sense.


usman rashid 25.04.2014 21:24

Popeye, try to write something sensible Or just give up writing... for God's sakes :P


usman rashid 25.04.2014 21:17

Writer is SO DUMB :P (When "Major" Amir become "General" Amir!!) Loool


Ridwan Khan 12.04.2014 03:51


As a Pashtun myself from Bannu, let me tell you something: Pashtunistan died in the 70's. Pakistanis Pashtuns are 100% integrated into the Pakistani state, whereas in dysfunctional Afghanistan we are marginalized by Tajiks.

Whe n the British invaded, the Afridis rose up in rebellion in what is now the tribal areas. Connections between Peshawar and Kabul were snapped. At the same time, the British buit railroads to link our lands to Punjab and India beyond. We've been oriented that way ever since. Pashtun nationalist Bacha Khan believed in a united INDIA, not a united Afghanistan after all!


Saleem Khan 29.03.2014 10:47

1. First of all the writer wrote General Amir, please amend it Major (R) Amir,
2. If ISI is notorious please give me name of single pious agency including KGB.
3. Crimea may be the right of Russia but please don't compare it with Pashtunistan.
4. Crimea has been annexed from a country called Ukraine but nobody can do it in case of Pashtoon majority in Pakistan,


South African Guy 28.03.2014 22:57

Alex P. 24.03.2014 09:19

I'm also a huge fan of his. Pepe Escobar never disappoints.


Ye t another well written piece by Mr Escobar


Najib Wardak 24.03.2014 09:11

I am agree with author of the articale. all Pashtuns ( both side of Duiranid imaginary line) to be united.


Ap H. Chand Thakuri 24.03.2014 03:19

I don't KnoW?


Humayoun Jan 23.03.2014 21:51

70% of Afghanistan's population is non Pushtuns so how can these racist Pashtuns claim half of Pakistan's land based on their Pashtun race while Pahtunes are minority in Afghanistan .


Mohammad Mohtashim Khan 23.03.2014 19:39

The second premise I find difficult is that the Afghan National Army as it stands has the capability of annexing Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, FATA and northern Balochistan which have large Pushtun majorities. I sincerely doubt the author has any understand of the geo-strategic realities of our region and has probably been fed the materials for publishing by wishful thinkers whose desired are expressed above.


Mohammad Mohtashim Khan 23.03.2014 19:39

The only difficultly what I find with what is being suggested is that the premise that a majority of pakistani pushtuns have any appetite from joining Afghanistan or consider themselves as a part of that country. Whilst, we are Afghan by ethnicity we have developed our own identity and culture over the past 150 years being a part of British India and its predecessor Pakistan. None of the main stream parties including the fiercely nationalist ANP speak about a seperate Pushtun state anymore. Their agenda is for more provincial rights and autonomy within the boundaries of Pakistan.


Red_Shiraz 23.03.2014 11:35

Intelligence,passion and honest reporting,so rare these days,that is why so delicious to read.RT certainly knows how to find them.Thanks RT.Thanks Pepe.


Dawar Saify 23.03.2014 03:51

Most Pakistanis are for Russia so please don't post any article which is anti Pakistan.
Russia stopped the attack on another Muslim country - Syria as after this it was Irans turn, then Pakistan and then finally Saudi Arabia.
Russia has taken action when another coup was staged in Ukraine. But it should dispatch spetnatz against the Nazis.
Vladimir Putin is one great hero of the actual free world and we hope there are many more people like him.
Russia should leave start nuclear agreement and increase its nukes plus start it's own United Nations
So please don't write articles against Pakistan.


Steve Gliksman 23.03.2014 01:11

It's much more serious and complex, but imagine not a 3 demensional, but a multi-demensional chess game. The stakes are much higher of course, but sometimes controling a tiny piece of real estate can mean the difference between wining and loosing. Unfortunately the US has become very greedy and and overly impatient and this means death and destruction for 10's of thousands of innocent people. Russia is not a a perfect angel, nor China, but I think the US has gone off the deepened especially after 9/11


Fahad Fahim Ansari 22.03.2014 23:43

Under your column it says, these are not the opinions of Russia Today. What are RT's own opinions? I think USA has been more harmful for Pakistan than Russia has ever been. Even now, Russia (and China) are the other superpowers , the anti dote to the problems created by USA. So i think good relations with Russia would be directly beneficial for Pakistan as well as for Russia. All the islamic terrorists are alike, they are all funded by the CiA and wahhabi arabs and all try to take law into their own hands, and all will settle for nothing less than to destabilise Pakistan totally for the benefit of the West.


Haris Mansoor 22.03.2014 22:48

The writer wrote an excellent column, but i disagree with the pastunistan idea. Im a pakistani myself and i knew there is not a single party or group which is demanding a seprate state. ANP used to demand it in past but now they have refrained from the idea. Sometimes journalists and media startimplanting such ideas into people's mind, its called manipulating.

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