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Chomsky to RT: All superpowers feel exceptional, inflate security myth for ‘frightened population’

October 10, 2013 04:21

The United States is not the first superpower to act as if it’s exceptional and will likely not be the last, although US leaders could be squandering a fruitful opportunity for improved international relations, Noam Chomsky said in an interview with RT.

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Wayne J Gasparro 02.11.2013 03:34

Our US government is out of control.If you all co.e to save us,please have mercy on our people.


Wayne J Gasparro 02.11.2013 03:23

World peoples,when you come to rescue us from our Government,please remember they dont represent us the American people.Thank you.


Roland Heymanns 22.10.2013 05:28

Noam Chomsky is one of only a few who have the courage to accuse the United States of being a terrorist state which in the last 50 years has committed numerous acts of terrorism and whose foreign policy is hypocritical.

In that he is one of the very few 'exceptional' Americans.


Richard Adams 17.10.2013 02:42

this guy is a douchebag. i used to really admire him and read his stuff, but his comments about people who aren't stupid enough to believe the 9/11 hoax are ridiculous. he used to be so scrupulous in how he backed up things he said, but not anymore. next.


Jean-Claude Meslin 15.10.2013 08:08

Following my previous comment: As long as well known and credible leaders will not expose clearly the sad realities, nothing will change and soon or later the final apocalypse will take place. The military cake is so good for creeps of all nationalities that possibly they are all accomplices. The help could come from the medias. Unfortunately; as in France, they all belong to the few well known families businessman of that armaments'industry. No hope for a change in the near future!


Jean-Claude Meslin 13.10.2013 20:56

Mr Chomsky has all wrong. It is a fact that America waste each year 70% of all worldwide military expenditures (over one trillion $ X 68 since the end of the war). Consequently, 2 billions humans live miserably and each day 20000 children die of starvation. Countries who disagree with the USA must waste their own money on a military catching race. Like we did during the "Cold-War" .
Let us face the facts, those silly writing change nothing: the war-mongers, their politician-"col labo" and the greedy financier sleep on their two ears . Wake-up !


Samuel von Staunton 12.10.2013 19:01

Rich Tygart 10.10.2013 21:23

No country on earth considers itself more exceptional than racist supremacist Israel.America would not be nearly the bullies the are if it weren't for AIPAC.


After a century and a half of war of aggression after war of aggression, the United States had already established that Reputation. The bankers who run the United States would have just found another to use as their conflict-generating cash cow had it not been created.

Ke ep in mind that this doesn't excuse Israeli policy, which you are correct about, nor America's role in furthering it.


Samuel von Staunton 12.10.2013 18:51

Ivan Simic 10.10.2013 22:16

China has not claimed exceptionalism yet. But soon they may come in the US and arrest their enemies in the Pentagon and the NSA.


We can hope. . .


Graeme Taylor 12.10.2013 17:02

Noam <3


Love & Theft 12.10.2013 02:06

Will someone in the cognitive science dept. tell me; why; after listening to Chomsky; I feel unbelievably clean? Like someone picked up a beautiful instrument (for the first time) and played it like it was intended to be played.

Why is it that people after traveling in a desert of lies and deceit; stumble upon an oasis and say “No Thank You” we have our soda pop. … One not having travelled far!


Nalliah Thayabharan 11.10.2013 23:19

United States of Zionists is not renowned for following laws, whether it's own or anyone elses.....I could give you examples, but I have a strong feeling you all have loads and loads of your own!


Biloxi Marx 11.10.2013 12:16

Cameras exceptionalism and humans super duper ignoranumuses global. There isn't a human that does not want to be in front of the camera and talking, walking, looking like a super star.

But, discussing the reality of earth in the year 2013?

Choms ky proves he and the generations since him, doomed. Talk about Holly Wood and the manufacturers of our 'reality' and how this has caused the Superpower USA to be far more sinister than the others?

Sta lin - Hilter and other criminally insane humans got to do what they did because being bankrolled by the same criminally insane that do what they do. Act not reality.


omas bioladen 11.10.2013 10:33

Was that interview out of his office or out of his crypt?

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