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Congressional approval just a ‘democratic add-on’ to Obama’s war with Syria

01.09.2013 02:39

While television news looks more and more like al-Qaeda propaganda videos, by seeking Congressional approval, President Obama is trying to add a democratic fig leaf to his decision to attack Syria, believes RT contributor Afshin Rattansi.

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dnlmclean 02.09.2013 08:39

Sandra Fort 02.09.2013 07:10

I am an American and I can honestly say that everyone that I have spoken with has agreed that we have no business getting into this war. Peace to everyone.


Im with you brother, Im in Australia and I can tell you that the world does not hate Americans, we wouldnt hold any American responsible for the harsh and wrong actions of its president. . But you are right, the UN was created for a reason, if Obama takes control of the situation he is then going against the reasons the UN was set up...


Babeouf 02.09.2013 08:38

As US relative power continues to decline its need for the Western designed UN(introduced by winners of Second World war) rises. If you examine the opinions of the Conservative MP's who voted against UK involvement you will see that they recognize the need for UN endorsement of any military enforcement. There is no support in the population of Europe for any new war.


Alex 02.09.2013 07:59

They are just trying to show ,they are working,really?


Alex 02.09.2013 07:55

I hear that ksa provided the sirin to criminals.


Sandra Fort 02.09.2013 07:10

I am an American and I can honestly say that everyone that I have spoken with has agreed that we have no business getting into this war. We all feel bad for the People who were exposed to chemical weapons but we need to stay out of it. It is a civil war and things need to be settled by the UN and the People who live there. We have seen enough war go bad and nothing good ever comes out of war. We do not want to be hated by the world but we have little control over what our Government does. Nothing is the same here as it use to be and it is sad. There has been may protests here against the war. Peace to everyone.


Andreana Rossi 02.09.2013 03:25

It sounds to me that some Americans are watching the main stream media, Which is owned by the Illuminati & has the Americans brainwashed . America has been arming the rebels & they are total barbarians! I am glad Russia & China have gotten Involved..The USA has no business being over there in the first place. Cheers to Russia & China...


Roberta Bebko 01.09.2013 17:45

When will they ever tell the truth? Not until we get the money out of politics. Raytheon's profits are soaring because of this. It is like greasing the War Machine all over again. Americans must not allow them to sell our souls for profits of the War Machine. The US government leaders have declared war even before any investigations are completed because they already know the answers that they want and even the truth won't stop them. It is sad.


Roberta Bebko 01.09.2013 17:39

I don't think that the President has proven who really exploded those chemicals....Dale Gavlak, AP journalist reported that rebels claimed responsibility for it, saying it was an accident and they did not know what was in those tanks. They were transporting them when the accident happened. They had received the chemicals from a prince in Saudi Arabia. We all know that in 2001 it was Saudis who flew those planes. I don't doubt her report but nothing has been shown on US main stream media regarding this report.


Leslie Norman Gabriel 01.09.2013 15:56

The American people are getting sick of our so called democratic government declaring wars, surgical strikes, whatever, in our name. We must abide by the constitution and stay out of other peoples business. Why does our government seem to want to destroy the foundations of our nation, is there something that I am not aware of that justifies endless war------- I did not think so!


Aleem Haider 01.09.2013 15:55

i Thaink russian should support to syrian govt. because syria and iran are the major alliance to russian.


Dylan Kruger 01.09.2013 15:54

This is such a bad way to start world war 3. I don't want to be at war with Russia or china. Nobody does. Nuclear war is a frightening concept


Anthony Enos Wicher 01.09.2013 15:35

Congress must NOT vote to let Obama strike Syria! If the House of Commons voted against it, so can Congress! Call your representatives 10 times a day. Make it clear to Obama that Democrats will join Republicans to impeach him if he strikes Syria. Yes the propaganda power of the controlled media is great, but we must not give up! The future of the human race is riding on this.


SourceKnown! 01.09.2013 09:40

America is a joke! anyone going on about their military that has cost s fortune, needs to take a look at the plight of the American people.

Wha t good is a military when people are starving on the streets? plus Obama is just a puppet and it's not America that controls America, when the people have no say in what goes on!

You get to vote for the options they give you and the voting is not secure, democracy? corporateocracy you mean!


Yet Yetty 01.09.2013 09:38

Lillie Herold
USA is broke and in debt, not the foundations of a sustainable superpower. 1% own all the wealth, the economy is in tatters and worst of all USA is a bully targeting small helpless countries to 'test your theory' By way of fighting your own battles; the USA war of independence, could not have been won without the French!!


Lillie Herold 01.09.2013 05:27

So, Afshin Ratons believes that the U.S. is a dying Super Power. Well, I'm sure you will not find any country willing to test your theory. We have never asked any country to fight our battles, not even when we were attack by Japan and when our Twin Towers were destroyed. We have the money, military equipment that almost every country in the world want's to buy. Btw, what other country started electronic tec?
We have Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google and a host of others. Dying you say?


Lillie Herold 01.09.2013 05:20

To the Syrian Rebels: fight your own battles. Maybe had you did like we Blacks here and committed ourselves to non-violence protesting agains the Gov of Syria, there may not have been a need for outside bombing raids. It is my belief that the rebels are the ones who release the gas on their peolple because Assad has nothing to gain for the release. FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES SO CALLED REBELS!


Lillie Herold 01.09.2013 05:16

If I were the U.S. Government, I would provide each side with tack nukes and tell everone to have at it as long as the nukes do not spill out to other countries. Really, I could care less about the people in Syria; look at how our American Indians fought here, they did not go begging for money, nor someone to fight for them, only cowards need fighting assistance. No country has ever helped fight wars on behalf of the U.S. In fact, the world would be speaking German had not 3mm Americans not died fighting Germans and Japaneese.


Lillie Herold 01.09.2013 05:12

I, along with at least fifty percent of the American people are not in favor of any bombing in Syria nor are we in favor of any type of assistance. Why should our tax dollars go to assist people we will never know, and could quite possible be terriorsts. Once I heard the so called Rebels response to OUR PRESIDENT'S decision to go before Congress, I now care a whole lot less about what happens to the people there in Syria.

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