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​Crimea – another artificially created crisis

14.03.2014 11:19

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the Ukraine/Crimea crisis has been “created artificially for purely geopolitical reasons." And he’s right.

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CTVINCE 09.04.2014 03:59

If America retrenches the world will fall into it's old bad habits; ethnocentrism, romantic nationalism and ultimately chaos. What's scary is that Americans are disgusted with shameless cowards like Mr. Clarke and quite willing to see him rolled out in front of a future firing squad of neo-fascists, and not get involved in regional conflicts that do not benefit our families on this side of the Atlantic. I hope you are happy with the
killing fields that will ensue - but not in Iowa.


Beryl Desmond 15.03.2014 20:32

Crimea should decide for itself, like the Maldives and they are thousands of miles from UK.
PUTIN is the better man, the better leader than any western polititians.
Wel l said and well put journalism.
Do not believe BBC, SKY, CNN, FOX.
Better to get your news from RT.


Shane Kweens 15.03.2014 15:42

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.”
― John F. Kennedy


Mary Campbell 15.03.2014 14:40

People say " I don't know that area, I only know my home country.." thus people have lost the ability to think for themselves and know right from wrong. No on in The West cares what happened to Libya but the poor Libyan people. Sad. So, what goes around comes around eventually as heads are in the sand and Imperialism is afoot.


Јариќ Т. Живадин 15.03.2014 07:41

Don't forget the war in Macedonia 2001!


George Karaolis 15.03.2014 06:45

Let us not forget Egypt as well. There may not have been a military intervention but the country is in a chaotic state since the orchestrated outcast of Hosni Mubarack. Where does this leave the egyptian people today.?


Jagath Chandrawansa 15.03.2014 06:25

Double standard by Western Political leaders.With the development of Media day by day it is clear who are playing with their Geopolitical and narrow economical interests.


Stephen Duthie 14.03.2014 18:19

Bang on the money

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