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Saudi chameleon: What next, jihad in Crimea?

11.03.2014 07:40

​The House of Saud may be up to something in Crimea. Let’s pivot back to the desert to see how that could possibly be accomplished.

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Natasha 30.03.2014 04:36

Ege Ray 11.03.2014 16:20

Crimea is a historical land of the Crimean Tatars Khanate till 1800's.They are the indigenous people of Crimea.... ..all the russianand ucrainan people in Crimea came along subsequently after <BR><BR>


And the Tatars came after Khazars, turko-mongolian tribes, who occupied Crimea first, before Rus/Wareg prince defeated them in 10 century. Khazars are present Askhenazi jews. Ukraine is the cauldron where all these races mixed through centuries to create what we have now. So where do we start counting indigenous?


South African Guy 28.03.2014 22:49


ever y grain of sand in Southwest Asian deserts always knew that the House of Saud is in favour of Salafis


Ursula Riches 22.03.2014 09:43

Per Sonne 11.03.2014 16:51

When you guys write "the West" what place do you mean exactly? US? NATO? EU? Or perhaps everything outside the former Soviet Union???


The English speaking nations not including India, ie USA Canada NZ Australia, UK and Europe, France Germany Austria Belgium Holland Spain Italy, those in the EU with Scandinavian nations. Saudi Qatar & Iz are also allies with this block which slavishly worship the red dragon also known as the Haw (Wh..ore) of Babyolon or the bankster's petro-dollar monetary system regime.


Andrey Popandopulo 13.03.2014 08:25

To wooly bully: "Taliban", "Afghanistan&qu ot;, "Chechnya" ,
"That's all I know". So, what did you really want to say by your comment? Meanwhile your words sounds more as a "mantra" rather than meaningful information. Best regards


wooly bully 13.03.2014 05:32

Over 150 Taliban are now in Crimea. More are excited to come before the vote. The word is out that one Russian soldier's head pays 300 euro. But it is more about revenge. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan left bad memories. In coordination with the Chechen, there will be sporadic suicide and non suicidebombings in Russia. Russian schools are already preparing to evacuate students from Chechnya.
That's all I know.


Zs 13.03.2014 01:50

You have a powder-keg, and a bad security situation.

By bad security situation I mean a lot of coast-line, weak naval resources (a sub could slip in and land people easy anywhere) , and 50,000 armed-masked dudes in assorted uniforms running around. All you'd need is 50 jihadis some of whom speak russian, with rudimentary scuba training - once ashore they could go anywhere they wanted with all their equipment, and do anything they wanted.


Zs 13.03.2014 01:35

You should let the Tatars have a broad autonomy, or even an independent state in north Crimea, that will solve a lot of problems. And also it would set up a buffer zone.

If there's violence you will have a bad situation. Russia did some bad things in Chechnia, and Dageastan (still grave problems in Dageastan) - but that din't explode too much, because most central-asians, and other muslims dislike circassians/caucasia ns but slightly different story here.

All it would take is 3-4 suicide bombers, or snipers to set a lot of Russia on fire. And even if there's no trouble now it could start at any time in the future.


Amy Love 12.03.2014 23:57

Yakhont Upusass The Russians will probably drop a nuke over Saudi oil fields in the Eastern province where 90% of SA's oil comes, effectively killing off the Saudi royals power. Added bonus will be collapse of the petrodollar and severe damage to the US economy. Putin = Chessmaster, to Obama's mastery of marbles.

I think you have too many marbles between your ears !!! USA adventurism ???? No USA military in Ukraine or Crimea . Your lost in your brainwashed propaganda from Putin RT !! Try a more reliable source ,,, even the enquirer is more reliable !!! At least they keep their journalists . Lol


Kalam Diamond 12.03.2014 21:29

These uncivilised Arabs! Even the camels are more intelligent than them! They are desert dwellers what do they know about civilisation? NADA! Zilch! Zero!


Yakhont Upusass 12.03.2014 20:12

If the Saudis imagine that the Russians will allow a bunch of murdering Jihadi savages to stand in the way of bringing to a screeching halt America's maniacal regime change/resource grabbing adventurism, a situation the Russians consider an existential threat, then the Saudis must have discovered some very potent hashish. The Russians will probably drop a nuke over Saudi oil fields in the Eastern province where 90% of SA's oil comes, effectively killing off the Saudi royals power. Added bonus will be collapse of the petrodollar and severe damage to the US economy. Putin = Chessmaster, to Obama's mastery of marbles.


Anna Charles 12.03.2014 18:47

The Saudi Royal family must be getting worried.
I imagine they know that they are going down next. The only question is when?
Their money is a pittance when compared with the funds stashed away by other families (who dont really want the Saudis around because that means too many players when you are trying to control and consolidate the game board).


Akram AL-Obaibi 12.03.2014 16:24

Puppet Wahabi Petrolium states began to play a game bigger than them.. Sure they will bring doom to themselves...It is time for Russia to bring the shoe on the table as it did is time for the Russian bear to teach them a lesson..


Oliver Tito 12.03.2014 16:18

I guess Russia's drumming up more propaganda to ethnically cleanse the Crimean Tartars out of Crimea, again.


regolo gellini 12.03.2014 15:50

Remarkable analysis ! Bloody Saudis !


Norman Peterson 12.03.2014 13:23

I've been predicting something like this for some time's going to get very interesting when the Tatar independence movement gets hijacked by Islamic radicals like the Chechens were....

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