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​Cuba’s economic reforms: Socialism with neoliberal characteristics?

16.04.2014 10:06

Havana has prioritized foreign investment and private enterprise, slashed state-sector jobs, while seeking closer cooperation with the European Union. Will Cuba’s latest market-based reforms undermine the social gains of the 1959 Revolution?

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Armando Rivera-Carretero 24.04.2014 21:27

I take strong exception of one word in the preceding article.

Cu ba has not been subjected to a 54 year old "embargo" by the US, it has been subjected to a BLOCKADE, an act of WAR in International Law; there's a BIG difference.


Kevin Rinaldi 17.04.2014 06:19

OMG, I think that could be modelling themselves on the world's only successful socialist state, France!


jimhardpeka 17.04.2014 02:28

Marxist Socialism is too bureaucratic to work well. Socialism means, "The National Community". Maybe Cuba will formulate a better form of socialim or maybe not. We shall see.


Ceannaire 16.04.2014 19:35

I don't think it's very accurate to present it as the "private sector" that will be picking up the slack. A big emphasis is on co-operatives, which are owned by the workers, so in accord with socialism. It might be more accurate to compare the Cuban reforms with the system in the former GDR, where you had a state sector + co-operatives.


Andres Mardones 16.04.2014 15:28

Well, this is pretty much of what Vietnam has done for the last decade. Of course there is no contradiction between running a small shop in Cuba or USA. The difference lays on who is running the big corps. The port of Marianell will be a state business run by the experienced Singapore Port Authorities. I look forward to what entrepreneurs can do in Cuba compare to Miami.


Peter Anderson 16.04.2014 13:10

Socialised debt privatised profit with a good dose of social engineering.
Get ready for the cultural Marxist luciferian assault, your once harmonious society will become fractured with identity politics and satanic rap. The Rockefeller institute have been practising their art for a long time, they will ravish anything good in your society in no time.


K C SARKAR 16.04.2014 13:10

I like to correct -that is ''GOLDEN vessel made WOOD'' instead of ''golden vessel made of gold''.


K C SARKAR 16.04.2014 13:07

Only remaining beacon light of socialism is going to be wiped out by the weird idea of friendly coexistence of hungry man eater&peaceful mankind-that's like''golden-vessel made of gold''. In spite of consistent imperialist conspiracy Cuba stood apart as surpassing virtually everyone in health education social welfare in the teeth of throttling economic blockade declared by UNGA for decades. Patriots world over get inspiration&hope from Cuba. Now misplaced idea will turn into another hypocrite country which keep only red flag but abounds in millionaires etc. EU or so are US vassals-none to depend-called $ocialists.


Pat Richards 16.04.2014 11:57

Say good bye to decent life Cubans. You have been sold out. And if you think EU is any different than US you have been seriously misinformed. EU is US lackey. Say hello to corruption unequality local mafia and banksters.

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