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Unelected power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe

03.03.2014 13:53

Genuine people’s power is on the retreat in Europe, and it's under attack from those who most loudly claim to be “democrats.”

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xmorgan 19.03.2014 07:08

America is a Corporatocacy pretending to be a republic.

R ussia is an Oligarchy pretending to be relevant.

P utin is gay pretending to be strait. He cant come out of the closet so he invades another country.


history8888 17.03.2014 03:02

Russia has turned into a Fascist State

under its Fascist Dictator Putin...


Rizi Leo 12.03.2014 05:22

"Ireland was pressurized to hold another vote, a year later. The EU approach is if you don't vote the 'right' way, ie the way we want, you have to keep on voting until you do. “Just look what happens when we vote No,” bemoaned anti-Lisbon campaigner Eugene Gorman, “They make us vote again!”"

will the people of Scotland get another chance for there independance if they fail on the first attempt?


Don McCoy 05.03.2014 16:46

"Unelected power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe"

If it's happening America...why would in NOT happen elsewhere...


DarkEyes 05.03.2014 14:57

Interesting article. Is it possible also to discuss the Russian democracy (or Putinism) after all these indications you mentioned direction EU?
Thank you for your time.


Ernest Stefan Matyus 05.03.2014 11:00

While you are right on all accounts, it's interesting how Europe gets a lecture on democracy from Russia, who's own political system, Putinism, is far from democratic.


komment 05.03.2014 09:05

As the above article explains, there is little to differentiate the three political parties in the UK, the Tories have become so far right they now resemble fascists, the Liberal Party is nothing more than a political prostitute that jumps into bed with anyone if the price is right and New Labour has now become Jew Labour, centralised, unconnected and in the service of its money lending freinds. The media is little more than a candy floss vendor, offering the illusion of substancce whilst delivering nothing of value.


komment 05.03.2014 08:49

The illegal interim government has no mandate from the people to negotiate loans, the terms of which will see the imposition of austerity measures and sale of the National assets leaving Ukraine with a huge debt and with little means to pay it back. This explains the rush by the UK, German and American administrations to recognise the government as legitimate; it has nothing to do with democracy it is all about money. If this were to succeed it would set a dangerous precedent for the whole world who would then be at the mercy of the ,money lenders. Democracy as we know it, will be extinct.


komment 05.03.2014 08:48

The threat to Ukraine does not come from Russia or Vladimir Putin but from the International Money Lenders who planned and orchestrated the unrest and coup in Kiev and now seek to legitimise that illegal government in order to legitimise their loans.


mergon 05.03.2014 07:32

EEC = a government machine by and for the rich corporations choking to death on its own rules !


dancebackthesea 05.03.2014 06:15

The European Union has only facilitated the erosion of democracy, with Europe heading straight into American style corpratocracy. (But, then it was basically designed to do just that.)

A good recent example of this is even though the majority of EU oppose the growing of genetically modified corn in Europe, the EU's executive body, the European Commission, could be set to green-light the crop anyway.

Money is speech here as well, so the vast majority of people are left with no voice these days.

Sad, but true.


Chris Melnyk 05.03.2014 02:42

How wonderfully ironic that this article about declining freedoms in Europe comes to us by a heavily monitored state-sponsored new orginization, controlled by an administration boasting a spot in the top 20 least free presses. Look, maybe Europe does need to sort out its government a little bit. But this article is like Kim Jung Un telling Obama that he has a tendency to overreact. What I'm trying to say is, Russia, get your own house in order before telling others how to run a government,


Chris Melnyk 05.03.2014 02:34

[quote name='Santiago Maldonado' time='04.03.2014 14:39']

How many times has US local, State and Federal police killed people for , speaking their opinions??

Umm...almo st never. Once or twice during the cold war and Vietnma war, no notable incidents since then. And while there have been unjust arrests, you'll be pleased to hear that no disobendient Americans were sent to the Siberan front. Or to a war-torn Crimea, as RT did when their host Abbi Martin dared to question the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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