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‘Crimean referendum is democracy in action’

17.03.2014 11:49

It’s nonsense to call the referendum in Crimea illegal when the West recognized independent Montenegro after the referendum in 2006 when only 55.5 percent voted for separation from Serbia, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT.

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Юлия Ч 05.05.2014 03:31

Please, read this. Its truth about "How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House".


Marcus Godwyn 18.04.2014 18:41

Just can't help esponding to Paul's comment "The only reason that Russians are the majority is Crimea is because of their policies toward the region over the last few hundred years". That's the only reason Americans are in a majority in America or Brazilians are in a majority in Brazil! It seems like a fairly legitimate reason to me!


Юлия Ч 18.04.2014 04:47

Neil, thank you for the TRUTH!!!

I' m russian from Russia. The hypocrisy of the West is behind the adequacy.


Dimitri Ratz 15.04.2014 21:13

If you still haven't figured out their out to get the Russians then you can't be helped.


CTVINCE 09.04.2014 03:46

Ukraine may never be as economically powerful as Russia, however it's like comparing USA to Mexico. You don't see us jumping into Monterrey with the promise of a better life. With the Putin "initiative&quo t; in mind we could easily take out South America in one year. Putin is like Don Quixote. He now has 600 million people aligned against him and his country of 150 million. Do the math and the economic impact...


xmorgan 19.03.2014 07:03

Putin has lost, wait and see the isolated Russia sink lower and lower, and angry people take to the streets. Then we will see a crack down that makes Syria look like a birthday party.


Paul 19.03.2014 05:26

Referendums are a pure form of democracy? Bogus. The only reason that Russians are the majority is Crimea is because of their policies toward the region over the last few hundred years. Anywhere in the world could be ethnically Russian if it was forcibly conquered, had the original inhabitants deported, and replaced with more regime-friendly peoples. An over-reliance on referendums leads to tactics designed to guarantee majorities.


Vlad Kulchitski 19.03.2014 05:07

Neil's argument about West pursuing own interests there are legitimate.

However, his comparison to Montenegro is questionable. Why? Because Ukrainian constitution, black on white, says that entire country must vote on the split. Again: ENTIRE COUNTRY is the keyword here. I have not done my homework on Montenegro [yet]. But that would be a good question to ask him. Or does he, like Russians, not care about constitution of sovereign country?


Kean Grooves 17.03.2014 13:13

In Soviet times if you made 110% of production plan, it was manifestation of your enthusiasm to the communist government. What does making of 123% of turn over (as in Sevastopol) manifest?

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