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Church leaders must not mince words when cruel politicians ‘do God’

18.04.2014 14:50

For Jews, Easter is a time to remember the Exodus ‘Passover’ where the blood of a lamb on the door marked out Jewish families to be saved from the Angel of Death and signaled their release from Egyptian slavery.

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mrsamerica 07.06.2014 02:38

RT keep Tony for his informed opinions and intellegent sensitivity but for gods sake get him writing lessons


Ursula Riches 17.05.2014 11:26

By their fruits (or actions) shall ye know them. It is not those who say Lord Lord but those who DO the WILL of my Father in heaven who are my followers. Some people seem to be Christian in spirit and action because a wholesomeness in them allows the Spirit to work in them. Some of these may not actually beleive in the person of Jesus or God as the creator BUT they are filled with goodness. Will these not appeal to God?
Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called children of God-only the ones who believe in the bilbe- it says the peacemakers.


John Thomas 23.04.2014 08:27

Good article, Tony. Well done RT in providing a platform for Tony.

Camer on is the sort of Christian who should have been fed to the lions.


Terry Ross 23.04.2014 02:40

Yet another great article by Tony Gosling. Keep them coming.

I don't remember the source , but it was once commented on the mark of a great writer 'I never knew I felt that way before. Thanks to reading your books, I shall never think the same way again.'


Anna Charles 22.04.2014 14:12

Loaded stuff!
Correctio n: the Queen is the supreme head of The Church of England; aptly speaking, Welby is merely Primate.
We live in a dystopian world run by disfunctional pyschopaths who prefer to choose the path of destruction.


bad putty tat 22.04.2014 12:28

If anyone has a belief in God, they know that the Christian faith (of bible times) had NOTHING to do with politics, in fact Jesus exposed them: (Matthew 23:23, 24) “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! you have disregarded the weightier matters of the Law, namely, justice and mercy and faithfulness. These things it was necessary to do, yet not to disregard the other things. Blind guides, who strain out the gnat but gulp down the camel! (John 18:36) My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over to the Jews.


Mike Oxstiff 22.04.2014 07:52

[quote name='' time='21.04.2014 16:13']I think many people will be disappointed by the Queen
who is,after all ,head of the church which Cameron and his cronies have damaged so much.She appears to hold no views at all and merely rubber stamps anything she is told to.She has been a marvellous ambassador for Britain but
her credibility has been so undermined that history will not
speak well of her.[/quote]

The Queen is not allowed to express her opinions in public be them religious or political


Max21c 22.04.2014 05:00

There are Moslem artisans and craftsmen in India that do the gilding for Hindu religious objects for Hindu religious festivals in India thus is not that far fetched that bellmaking factories per German, Russian, or both could manufacture bells for Russian Orthodox Churches per towns/cities in the Ukrainian East. And as importantly that people could learn to cooperate, work together, and get along over something like this situ.


Max21c 22.04.2014 04:40

Kiev could offer bellmaking monies in exchange for the opposition elements agreeing to leave public buildings and only engage in unarmed & civil protests, civil demonstrations, civilian political activities, and or civil disobedience. Obviously the Bells would have to conform to any specifications of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Historical bells that may have been lost, damaged, or destroyed over time may be thus replaced with newly manufactured bells.


Max21c 22.04.2014 04:40

Traditionally European Church Bells generally tend to be manufactured by (I Believe) 2 factories in Germany. I think both are family owned small enterprises. There may be factories making bells in Russia or the East as well.
It’s possible that Kiev could offer some bell making funds to towns and cities in the East. Arrangements could be made with community leaders, politicians, and religious officials.


Max21c 22.04.2014 04:22

Clearly while there is no political, diplomatic, or military crisis in the Ukraine or East versus West yet when these short term difficulties dissipate there may emerge a long term crisis per intractable and irresolvable for the various Churches.

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